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War of the Roses

Bright, bubbly music started up and Peony announced it was time for Team Cute to head out onto the stage. “First on the stage for Team Cute, Jess’ Iris!” The dressed up Sewaddle inched her way to center stage, where a bright spotlight and smaller pink lights shone on her. Wiggling her body, she waved the Pennant-turned-sword attached to her body. This also caused the wings on her back to flap a bit, which in turn was met with cheers from the audience. She then brandished her Parasol shield and showed off her Crimson Scarf. The judges took a moment to write down scores, then held them up one by one. Primrose had a 78, Madoka a 70, and Samuel a 75.

"Cute! That comes out to an average of 74.3!” Peony announced.

“Pretty cute little one,” Primrose leaned into the mic. “I like how you used the parasol as a shield…” She sleepily relaxed back into her chair. Iris made her way across the stage under the sign marked CUTE.

“Next up, Melissa’s Fawn! Where are you cutie?” The Skiddo joyfully pranced on to stage and faced the audience under the spotlight. She blinked her large doe-eyes before placing the Gift Box on the ground. Gently, Fawn nudged the box forward, then looked back up at the audience with hope shimmering in her eyes. The Crimson Scarf around her neck was a nice touch, and gave her an innocent look. Fawn looked a bit nervous as the blue flower started to slip, but with a flick of her ear it was back in its place.The judges raised their scores one by one. 82 for Primrose, 90 for Madoka, and 85 for Samuel.

"Adorbs! Your average is 85.7!” Peony cheered.

“すてき!” Madoka announced, clapping her hands together. “Makes me wonder what’s in that present!!” Her co-judges smiled at her enthusiasm. Following a round of cheers Fawn took her place next to Iris and the two of them watched their third teammate present her outfit.

As soon as Tomoko made her entrance the audience made a few noises of confusion. The Mareanie certainly was different from her traditionally cute teammates. She seemed right at home in her outfit of choice, and gave a coy look to the audience with her big yellow eyes. She used a tentacle to smooth out the Frilly Apron and adjusted the barrette with another. Skillfully, she twirled her Red Parasol and gave the crowd a big, sharp-toothed smile. The spiny, poisonous starfish was definitely a hit. Three scoreboards went up quickly. Primrose had 93, Madoka had 100, and Samuel had 90.

“Wow! That’s an average of 96!” Peony said excitedly.

“Woooow!” Madoka piped up again and waved her sign. “So cute! すごい!” The crowd whooped excitedly as Tomoko hopped away under the CUTE sign with Fawn and Iris.

“Let’s hear it for Team Cute!” Peony still seemed to be fawning over the Pokemon on this team, and after a moment turned around to the audience to announce the next Team.
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War of the Roses

“That was fantastic!” Peony exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “Let’s give everyone a round of applause, shall we?” The audience cheered on as the contestants took a bow and made their way off the stage. “I’ve never seen such amazing costumes before!” Peony continued, twirling the microphone in her hand. For all of their efforts in the Poke-Pageant, the following Pokemon are awarded levels:
2 levels: Fawn the Skiddo
“Now then,” Peony spoke, pirouetting on stage before striking an idol pose. “I hope you didn’t think that was all! Up next is… THE GRAND FINALE!” The lights on the stage suddenly dimmed as Peony made a quick exit from the stage. Moments later a pair of spotlights operated by a Jumpluff and a Whimsicott shined down from above, revealing the four queens of the Rose Garden. Bellossom did a quick curtsy with her grassy skirt, Roserade struck a cool and stylish pose, Lilligant put her leafy hands together and tilted her head, smiling demurely, and Tsareena lifts her leg into the air like a crane stance.

The audience cheered once more and Peony reappeared with the mic at the bottom of the gazebo’s steps. “That’s right! We’ve got one more round to go, and this one takes the cake! We’re having one more round of pageantry, and this time the queens are the models! The rules will be the same as before; use any of the accessories that your team gathered and try to fit you team’s style! However, this time around you are allowed to work together as a team if you wish and submit a joint outfit. You may work separately and submit multiple appeals, but only the highest score from each team will count! Best of luck and may the fairest flower win!”

As Peony finished speaking, the four flower queens gave each other a fierce look before indignantly turning away from each other and exiting the stage to join up with their respective teams. Each team’s gardener had set up a divider curtain to allow their teams to work with the queens in privacy. The three judges sat back in their seats, eager to find out what the contestants would come up with next.

To clarify, here are the rules of the pageant:
1. Teams may submit a work together or work separately in this round. There is no benefit or demerit for either course of action.
2. Up to 5 accessories from each team’s list from the previous round may be used in an appeal.
3. Multiple appeals from a single team can repeat items used by teammates.
4. Each team will be judged based on appearance and overall fit to their team’s style. (Bellossom = Cute, Roserade = Cool, Lilligant = Elegant, Tsareena = Unique)
5. The deadline to reply is Sunday, October 1st
"85.7." Melissa made a face and nodded at Fawn. "We didn't do too bad, right?"

Fawn carefully shook her head and then nudged Melissa's hand. The Skiddo kinda wanted to get these accessories off, though she wouldn't mind if Melissa decided to get a Crimson Scarf in the future.

(Fawn goes from Lv. 22 to 24.)

The pair listened as Peony wrapped up the pageant portion and announced the final event. Melissa started to have a sinking feeling when the spotlights hit the four queens of the garden. She had to suppress a groan as Peony declared that there would be another round of pageants, this time with the queens themselves. Each team could submit a team attempt or individual attempts, but, considering her team didn't seem too big on the cooperation part, Melissa kind of doubted that she'd be able to leave the costume design to someone better at it. Better that they have at least one submission than none, though, so she headed to the dressing area.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she glanced over the accessories their team had collected. Maybe the Red Parasol...and the Purse? No, the Frilly Apron and the Crimson Scarf. Would that be too much? They were allowed five accessories, but...would they work together well?

Melissa sighed and decided she would just go for it. Otherwise, she'd probably end up running out of time and she was cutting it close already.

"Sorry about this," she told the Garden's Bellossom. "I'm not at all confident about this, but I hope we make a decent showing, at least."

Fawn nudged at Melissa's arm again and Melissa glanced down at her. "Is that the Headband?" Melissa frowned for a moment. "Oh, you think we should add this?" Fawn shrugged and made a it-couldn't-hurt tilt of her head. "Well, I suppose that's true."

Once they had done all they could, Melissa took a deep breath and crossed her fingers. "Here goes nothing."
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