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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Soo ... I have a spoiler question about the new It movie that just came out:

Spoiler: show
Does it only tell half the story of the book? O_o

I assumed it would cover the book's entire chronology, making necessary cuts for time. Not one single soul who has been to see the movie has told me, "Man that was a good Part 1 of 2! " or anything else that would indicate that this was only the first in a series of movies. Similarly, I can't imagine that the studio knew the film would be THIS POPULAR, so it's hard to think that they wouldn't have aimed for the closure that the book's finale offers.

But people are now saying that It 2 has been announced for the none-too-far-off year of 2019. And the way they are talking about it, it sure does sound like It (2017) only covered the childhood half of the book, and that It 2 (2019) is going to cover the adult half. Is this correct?
I think an element of this also comes from a lot of the people going to see the movie lack a decent understanding of the source material and where it comes from. It seems to have garnered a very casual audience, because basically everyone I know has gone to see it because they're curious, rather than just diehard fans.
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