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Oh cool, this thread is gaining traction again. Yes, I have decided to get the game and am halfway through Chapter 3 right now. Overall, my biggest hate for it are the button controls for the PC at times. Sometimes the buttons are over-sensitive, like when I need to save. Other times, I need to press down twice or hold it before a piece of dialogue will move, and has also cost me a few points during the trials. Weirdest one yet is where my A and S buttons are reversed for a couple of games during the trials. It was mildly annoying at first, but I consider it an added challenge to the games now.

(Spoilers on the entire chapters, including the end. Bewear!)

Chapter 1:
Spoiler: show
A review on Steam put it best for me: After knowing the first two games and all the tricks they've pulled in the past, there's no way they're going to surprise me this time. During trial 1: no ******* way!
I was honestly suspecting Shuichi, and was prepared for losing nearly any of the characters you could quickly get attached to. Killing off Rantaro was an odd move considering his title but it surprised me good. They definitely managed to catch me off guard once more in their first trial.

Chapter 2:
Spoiler: show
Not much to say about this one. Yeah Kirumi would have been surprising, but Danganronpa has taught me that literally anyone can die at any moment. I found this to be one of the weakest motives for murder yet though, as it does vaguely remind me of the Trolley Problem. Also, is it just me or did overcomplicating the murder give away the killer? I mean, couldn't she have left Ryoma in his lab and gotten away with it that way? There was no real need to move the body other than in an attempt to frame someone else, but it would have been unnecessary if it couldn't be linked to her in the first place and by doing that she ultimately provided the clues necessary for pinning the murder on her.
Not going to argue this too much; it was still a very interesting case to solve.

Oh yeah, I'm loving the execution of the Monokubs so far. I was somewhat anticipating it to happen but I was still caught off guard and had to laugh the first time it happened. A bit Looney Tunes.

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