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Much like Jeri I powered through Chapter 2 and I agree with his thoughts above. But I have some of my own, and my opinions on the characters so far!

Chapter 2!
Spoiler: show
First off: what is Psyche Taxi. Better question: WHY is Psyche Taxi? I don't understand how Spike Chunsoft keeps coming up with these weird minigames but hey maybe they just do a lot of cocaine. Probably better than Logic Dive, but for something that is basically just a more stylistic version of Revisualization from Ace Attorney, it's a worse version of Revisualization from Ace Attorney.

Real talk: was there ANY point to Miu's alibi other than pure fanservice? The story would not have changed at all if Gonta had got her to come to the Insect Meet and Greet, but easy T&A excuses are easy T&A excuses. Pretty sure she also dropped the series' first C-bomb? I'm honestly surprised the game got a 16 rating here with that. Wish she wasn't dropping the "t***" slur though, I realise that if anyone's gonna do it, it's her but that shit just bothers me.

why had I never heard of a ropeway prior to this case jesus christ what is wrong with me

I still hate perjury and mass panic debates

Monokuma's Trump impression was hilarious

Cool reference to the spider's thread for Kirumi's execution but man this one was tough to watch. For just a second I really thought she was going to get away. The executions seem a little more gruesome and brutal this time so far but that could just be me.

I'm also really curious about where this whole Monodam thing is going. He seems to have a big thing about team unity within the Kubs but why? And I'm guessing he'll kill the other Kubs in chapters 3 and 4 for some reason too.

Spoiler: show
Shuichi is really growing on me. His relationship with Kaito is a big factor in that, but DR3's themes of awful truths and their repercussions are helping too to give him a very interesting arc; arguably moreso than Makoto for sure, and maybe Hajime if they do it right.

Kaito - holy shit DR finally worked out how to do a lovable idiot. Kaito is the heart and goddamn soul of the group right now and he's so much better than Hiro or Kazuichi and I love it.

Kokichi - KING. SHIT. STIRRER. I love-hate Kokichi on a deep level. He's got such brilliant expressions and he so clearly knows more than he's letting on. I definitely see him making it to the end, or being killed next case to throw suspicion on Maki. Just... please tell me he's lying about being the ultimate overlord and is actually the ultimate liar because that's such a stupid talent.

Miu - ah my wife

Himiko - I'm joining Tenko in the "Himiko must be protected" club, my precious smol child

Tenko - the gayest character in DR and that's including Sakakura. As such she is also my wife.

Tsumugi - reminds me a lot of Ibuki and that is a good good thing. Probably going to get corpsed super hard in case 3 is my guess and that is a sad thing, because she a cute and also my wife.

Gonta - a good boy who will do nothing wrong and is my prime pick for chapter 4's victim, pulling the Sakura/Nekomaru/Gundham sacrifice.
The wildman schtick is a little tiresome and played out but Gonta is so earnest that I can't hate it.

Korekiyo - creeps me the fuck out but is so damn smart I can't help but respect him. I need to spend more time with him to get a better read on him.

Ryoma - why did I never hang out with this guy he has my favourite design in the series so far, and his motive video was such a punch in the gut. I'm not surprised he offered himself up to Kirumi but I feel like there's so much to his story that I never even touched.

Kirumi - what prime minister WHAT

K1-B0 - how is that a goddamn audio recording function used up so much electricity jesus christ you suck keeb ultimate robot my dick

Angie - For a significant part of the case I was convinced she'd killed Ryoma. Whoops. I forgot that Angie is pure and good-hearted and a cute and also my wife

Maki - I am reserving any comment on Maki til chapter 3

but she is also my wife

and ultimate child caregiver is a terrible translation why not like ultimate nanny or au pair or fuckin anything
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