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Instead of It, I went to Mother! with, well, my mother.

So like I have a lot of thoughts about this movie, but I also know a lot of people would probably hate it. We were alone in the theatre, and according to a few people I know in real life, a TON of people walked out when they went to see it. I mean, I absolutely understand. I really liked it, it's absolutely up my alley but it's so weird. Like there were so many moments where I was so happy we were alone, because we'd both be like "what the fuck?". It's interesting, with a very strong narrative. (Oh, and chalk full of symbolism which is absolutely my shit.). I don't really want to spoil what the movie is truly about, because it left me guessing until like the third arc where I was like OH, OH MY GOD. But it's a very interesting take on a lot of things, and I adored it.

It's probably my third favourite movie of the year as it stands. And my other two are a fun movie with good music (Not GOTG2; It's Baby Driver), and a horror/comedy full of symbolism (Get Out).

My mother and I are very pretentious and love film festival movies, okay?

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