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Medmana- Fate seemed to steer you in the right direction, while you couldn't find the hoodlum Herdier, you did manage to find something else you were looking for. The mystic arts weren't a strange concept to you, whether this fortune teller truly had a gift or was looking to exploit you was unknown. However this mystically Freya seemed to glimpse that you were in search of something, perhaps she could provide you with the lead you needed? Eager to suss things out you head inside, following Elen through the bead shroud and into a dark room, lit only by a few candles that did little to illuminate the room. The woman sits at a large round table, a lace hood rests over her head, long blonde hair flows down over her shoulders. She gestures for you to take a seat opposite her, which you hastily take. The two of you sit in silence for a moment, Elen drops his camouflage to come into view, not that it is a surprise to Freya.

You hear a rattling sound as the fortune teller produces a large satin bag, placing it between you she pulls the drawstring to reveal a small pile of bones. She then places both hands palm up above the bag, you wait a moment before realizing she wants you to do the same. As soon as you put your hands above the bones, the woman produces a needle from her sleeve, quickly pricking the middle finger on each of your hands. You go to recoil but Freya wraps her hands around your wrists, holding your hands still as droplets of blood drip down onto the bones. Suddenly the bones begin to glow with a faint cyan colour, as they do the fortune teller releases her grip of you, allowing you to pull back your hands. With a swift and practiced motion she scoops up the bag, muttering shallow yet ominous words before flipping the bag over, tipping its contents onto the table in front of her.

You sit in silence as Freya scans over the bones, they still glowed faintly and seemed to illuminate as she moved her hands over them. After what seemed like an eternity, Freya finally breaks her silence."The finger bones of an ancient Druddigon, carved by the first people to settle in this area. They require strength and guidance but they can give you a glimpse of what is yet to occur." Freya motions to the first gathering of bones, a larger bone sits on top of a clutch of smaller bones."See how the larger one sits over the others, that symbolizes the leader, but I don't think it is about you. No, I think you seek the leader." She then points to two more bones, both of an average size."A holy symbol, the cross suggests that you might find what you are looking for in a church. However, there are many churches and places of religious importance in this city, narrowing it down will be difficult. Finally the last pile of bones appears to be in the shape of a W."Ahhh this might help", murmurs Freya,"you might struggle to see it but this is actually a bird. We are coming into winter and birds fly south for the winter, I think you will find what you are after in the south of the city. Most of the churches are in the north of the city, only one lies in the south and it has been abandoned for over a decade. I think that is where you should go. Before you leave young one, is there anything you wish to ask of me?"


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