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Medmana- Glimmer evolves before your eyes, shedding her conservative, nut-like form as she transforms into a more formidable Pokemon. The newly evolved Nuzleaf seemed much more confident, as if it had found a new strength that it had been lacking before. As the Sandygast continues to rampage, you drag yourself through the sand in search for Gloria, the young psychic was likely being dragged into the sandy mass helplessly. Moving against the sand was far from easy, the sand was up around your knees, making each step a tremendous effort. While your eyes scan through the sand in a desperate search for Gloria, you make sure to occasionally check on Glimmer. The Nuzleaf seemed to be swelling with strength, her body seemed to expand as she increased her power with a quick growth spurt.

With the Sandygast continuing to absorb the sand in the arena to increase its own size and power, you find yourself getting dragged towards the center of the arena. Suddenly you catch sight of a mass of black hair, surely it had to be Gloria. Pulling yourself through the sand as fast as you can, you dive forward to wrap your arms around Gloria's unconscious body. You emerge from under the sand with your arms wrapped around Gloria, she seemed to be breathing but was still unconscious. As you begin dragging her back to the edge of the arena you keep your eyes on Glimmer. The Nuzlead was now going on the offensive, plucking the leaf from her head she sends it spinning upwards through the Sandygast's mouth. A large piece of the living sandcastle is cut loose by the razor sharp leaf, reducing the Sandygast's body size significantly. It lets out a pained wail as it focuses its eyes on the Pokemon that attacked it. A smaller pillar of sand suddenly erupts from in front of Glimmer, striking her with an astonishing blow that sends her tumbling backwards. As a new leaf sprouts from Glimmer's head, she feels the sand around her begin to churn. Before long she spinning around, stuck in a swirling tomb of sand. The abrasive force was causing her pain with each passing second, it seemed the Sandygast had found a new outlet for its rage. You reach the edge of the arena with Gloria as you watch Glimmer fight helplessly against the sand, could she handle this adversary alone?

Sandaa- As you introduce yourself to the Ribs administrator, the man's face remains blank, unimpressed by your brazen display of confidence."That doesn't surprise me at all, most of them are no better than a rookie trainer but I assure you I am cut from far superior cloth." Before the admin could issue orders to his Poliwrath, Scurvy leaps from your shoulder, somersaulting through the air before landing on the roof of a nearby building. Moving with startling speed he ran along the edge of the roof, jumping from one building to another as he closed the gap between himself and his adversary. Performing another somersault as he dismounts, Scurvy swings his tail around to strike with a startling blow, faking the Poliwrath out before it could even get started. Taking advantage of the stunned amphibian, Scurvy lets out an ear piercing screech, the sound leaves the Poliwrath shaking as it finds its defense lowered.

"Hypnosis" mutters the admin under his breath, it seems Scurvy coming into close quarters was exactly what he wanted. The Poliwrath pushes its stomach forward, the swirling pattern on its stomach begins to spin hypnotically. Scurvy tries to look away but it's too late, he quickly becomes captivated by the swirling pattern. Before long the Aipom tumbles backwards, snoring peacefully."Excellent work, now Bulk Up." The Poliwrath flexes its muscular body, swelling in size as it raises its attack and defense, somewhat covering the weakness that Scurvy had exposed."Perfect, now get stronger with a Power-up Punch." Holding no bar the Poliwrath leaps at the slumbering Scurvy, jamming a glowing fist into the Aipom's face as it crushes the Normal type into the pavement. The Poliwrath's muscles seem to grow even more, its attack was growing stronger which was going to be an issue in the long run."I'm surprised you managed to beat my grunts with that level of skill, surely you can do better than that?"

As the admin continues to mock you, you hear a howl and switch your attention over to the Mightyena and Druddigon. The Druddigon was on its back, one Mightyena had its fangs buried into its leg while the other sunk its teeth into the dragon's neck. The Druddigon swatted at the Mightyena on its chest with a dragon claw knocking it away however the dragon was looking worse for wear. Eventually managing to kick the other Dark type off of its leg, the Druddigon labours to pull itself back to its feet, blood was pooling around it from nasty wounds on its neck and leg, it seems the Mightyena's relentless attacks had managed to break through the rough skin of the Druddigon.

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