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MT/Egg/Non-Standard Moves Confirmed for Completed Stays

Sandaa – Phanpy learned Ice Shard
Missingno. Master – Blinky the Darumaka learned Take Down
Median Dia – Nuzleaf learned Beat Up
Kyuu-Tales – Zelos the Croagunk learned Cross Chop

MT/Egg/Non-Standard Moves Confirmed for Extended Stays

Connor – (12/13) Ivy the Bellsprout learned Bullet Seed, Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Power Whip, Swords Dance, Weather Ball, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Seed Bomb, Synthesis, Signal Beam, and Gunk Shot
Meetan – (8/22) Nina the Alolan Vulpix learned Hypnosis, Flail, Disable, Secret Power, Tail Slap, Freeze Dry, Agility, and Howl
Maskerade – (4/8) Seviper learned Aqua Tail, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, and Giga Drain
Patches – (3/4) Kei the Charmander learned Air Cutter, Counter, and Body Slam
Rotom310 – (3/4) Zylia learned Shadow Blitz, Shadow Break, and Shadow Down
Jerichi – (1/6) Brocart the Goldeen learned Aqua Tail
TheKnightsFury – (1/2) Balerion the Charmander learned Thunder Punch
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