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War of the Roses

“That was fantastic!” Peony exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “Let’s give everyone a round of applause, shall we?” The audience cheered on as the contestants took a bow and made their way off the stage. “I’ve never seen such amazing costumes before!” Peony continued, twirling the microphone in her hand. For all of their efforts in the Poke-Pageant, the following Pokemon are awarded levels:
4 levels: Lord Laxington the Munchlax, Caladbolg the Garchomp, Louise the Mawile, Tomoko the Mareanie, and Alice gets 4 Candies as Blaze the Torchic is lv.100
2 levels: Iris the Sewaddle, Brocart the Goldeen, Fawn the Skiddo, Sasha the Alolan Vulpix, and Zylia the Shadow Roselia
“Now then,” Peony spoke, pirouetting on stage before striking an idol pose. “I hope you didn’t think that was all! Up next is… THE GRAND FINALE!” The lights on the stage suddenly dimmed as Peony made a quick exit from the stage. Moments later a pair of spotlights operated by a Jumpluff and a Whimsicott shined down from above, revealing the four queens of the Rose Garden. Bellossom did a quick curtsy with her grassy skirt, Roserade struck a cool and stylish pose, Lilligant put her leafy hands together and tilted her head, smiling demurely, and Tsareena lifts her leg into the air like a crane stance.

The audience cheered once more and Peony reappeared with the mic at the bottom of the gazebo’s steps. “That’s right! We’ve got one more round to go, and this one takes the cake! We’re having one more round of pageantry, and this time the queens are the models! The rules will be the same as before; use any of the accessories that your team gathered and try to fit you team’s style! However, this time around you are allowed to work together as a team if you wish and submit a joint outfit. You may work separately and submit multiple appeals, but only the highest score from each team will count! Best of luck and may the fairest flower win!”

As Peony finished speaking, the four flower queens gave each other a fierce look before indignantly turning away from each other and exiting the stage to join up with their respective teams. Each team’s gardener had set up a divider curtain to allow their teams to work with the queens in privacy. The three judges sat back in their seats, eager to find out what the contestants would come up with next.

To clarify, here are the rules of the pageant:
1. Teams may submit a work together or work separately in this round. There is no benefit or demerit for either course of action.
2. Up to 5 accessories from each team’s list from the previous round may be used in an appeal.
3. Multiple appeals from a single team can repeat items used by teammates.
4. Each team will be judged based on appearance and overall fit to their team’s style. (Bellossom = Cute, Roserade = Cool, Lilligant = Elegant, Tsareena = Unique)
5. The deadline to reply is Sunday, October 1st
((This reply and subsequent appeal are a joint submission by myself, Raves and Jeri))

Rorik's mouth was agape. Somehow, some way, the dimwitted Munchlax had actually convinced the jury with his self-made costume, not only into giving him a good score... but the absolute best. Indeed, Munchlax had won the appeal round by garnering more points than all the other contestants, and Rorik had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was amazing and frustrating at the same time - the more time they spent together, the more convinced Rorik became that his Pokemon partner was actually perfectly capable of handling matters all on his own, but the reminder of his own uselessness was always a bitter one.

That wasn't to say his teammates hadn't done an admirable job themselves, both Alex and Lucas managing to put on stunning performances with their Garchomp and Goldeen respectively - all in all, Rorik was certain they'd made Lilligant proud.

And that, in a way, was also their biggest problem at the moment. Because as it turned out, the individual appeals were not the final challenge - it now fell on their shoulders to make "their" Queen just as Elegant as their own partners, if not more.

Oh dear. Letting Munchlax do whatever he wants is one thing; playing fashion adviser to a wild Pokemon that rules over one fourth of a region is another story altogether...

Rorik's notions of clothing etiquette were as developed as his social skills; he had the fashion sense of a Grimer, so the best he could hope for was that the other members of Team Lilligant weren't as clueless as him. Fortunately, that turned out to be the case, and the three human Trainers came to an agreement on which accessories to use fairly quickly, much to the Professor's astonishment.

My, these two really are agreeable individuals. What a pleasant surprise!

They ruled out the "gentlemanly" accessories first, a unanimous decision. Indeed, Lilligant would be much better off showcasing her royal persona - and fortunately, they'd been given the perfect tools to do so.
Finding the perfect balance between Lilligant's inborn virtues and which accessories highlighted them the best was the trickiest part though - it was a natural temptation to give the Queen every kind of flower they had available, but that could drown out the natural beauty of her own blossom.

In the end, the team settled for a single Lonely Flower, its large stalk allowing Lilligant to handle it much like a gorgeous white scepter. To go with the flower's pristine color, the regal White Cape befitting an actual queen was the natural choice to follow. And while the Crown would've all but cemented Lilligant's status as a ruler, Elegance was still the motto and no other head accessory showcased the Grass-Type's fair complexion better than the lovely Tiara - which, thanks to its beautiful light blue tone, went perfectly with the Necklace, whose flawless pearls were indeed worthy of royalty. And the final touch, one that meant to further drive home the fact that Lilligant's elegance was indeed unparalleled, was also a creative little twist on the accessory's intended use - the Laurel Wreath, rather than worn on the head, was placed like a shoulder sash, more fitting and elaborate than any human beauty pageant winner's strap of cloth.

When the dress-up process was concluded (during which Lilligant was surprisingly cooperative), it fell on Rorik to do the honours. It was as if Alex and Lucas knew how much he despised speaking publicly and thought it'd be good for him to overcome his aversion. He wouldn't.

"Ahem... Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please," he finally found the guts to say out loud to whoever cared to hear him." Please give a warm round of applause to the Personification of Elegance, First Lady of Lillies and hopefully future ruler of Cloud Garden..."

"... Queen Lilligant of Team Elegant!"

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