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'Easily! Just sit back an' watch!' The jack-o-lanturn on Butternut's back spat out a seed onto the ground between them, which immediately took root and started to sprout a little. 'It ain't da fastest move in da world, but it's far faster than normal.' He admitted.

'And man, must that be a big help!' Eenchos allowed himself a brief chuckle. 'Of course, this is a certain beauty in figuring things out yourself, but I'm not gonna turn doaw a few pointers either!'

'Y-you two were using attacks, right?' the grubbin asked cautiosly.

'Every once and a while, yes,'
Bell answered, his curiosity clear in his voice. 'What'cha thinkin'?'

Edrick took a deep breath, before looking at Anion with a little more resolve in his eyes. 'C-can you throw it back to me, p-please?'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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