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"Huh, you're the first person to give a remotely negative response!" Ami declared with a laugh. "I totally expect to get one well before now! Anyway..." She turned around and made a wide motion toward the space they had found themselves in. "Welcome to the Pokemon's Loop! It's still a bit empty despite housing two peoples' teams, though."

'W-wait, really?!' Nadie called out in astonishment. 'Sh-she doesn't even let us in there normally, so th-this is quite the honor!' He took a moment to breathe deeply, trying to calm his nerves somewhat. 'You were at the Casino during the raid, so I don't think Ami has anything to hide from us, anyway. Still, this is pretty awesome...'

'Hey, what're ya doin', ya psychotic imp?!' A very angry looking clauncher suddenly burst out of the water, imediately aiming his claw at his assailant. 'I'll make ya regret doin' tha-' His eyes widened as he realized that a barrage of stars was already swarming Swiftly his way, apparently called upon by the Power of Nature itself. 'Gaargh!'

'G-glimmer, you know there's an arena for battling!' Bell exclaimed over the splooshing sound that Kodiac's fall made. 'I know he isn't the nicest, but that was just as uncalled for as his outbursts!'

'...Hardly,' the nuzleaf replied coldly as she began to gather Dark energy. She stood her ground as a burst of Water breached the pool's surface with the force of a small Gun, before releasing her charged power to Torment her prey. 'He's abusing us all, and I'm wiping his scum from the earth!'

~ ~ ~

'Oh, yeah, I sure can!' Butternut declared, quite excitedly. 'I'm really good at growin' pum'kins- an' explosive ones, at that!'

'It sounds like you chose the right guy, then!' the inkay said cheerfully. 'And it seems like you have a lot to look forward to once you evolve, Artemis! Most pokemon don't see quite as many new skills open up to them, you know.'

Edrick thought for moment, trying to find a better way to do this. '...U-um, I think... I have an idea.'

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