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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
This game is way more than a run-of-the-mill VN. There are some really complex and engaging gameplay elements as well as a murder mystery aspect to all of them. It's still definitely a VN at heart but your relationships with the characters are just one aspect of the game. The story is also just a big crazy mindfuck; the ride alone is worth it.

But, honestly, a majority of us who were exposed to the series got our first exposure via Let's Plays (originally via the fan-translated SomethingAwful LP or the fan-translated patch version). Since it is still heavily VN-based, it's very much consumable via video. If you don't feel like paying for it, you can still get much of the experience that way, but I think playing the actual game is worth it.

The first DR is only $20 on Steam at the moment (and you absolutely must start with the first one - there is no sequence breaking in Dangan Ronpa) so it's not a particularly expensive investment to expose yourself to the series.


Also this is the order in which the games make sense:
Dangan Ronpa 1 (e.g. Trigger Happy Havoc) (do not watch the anime first; it's just the first game but heavily abridged)
Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Ultra Despair Girls (semi-optional)
Dangan Ronpa 3 Hope Side (anime)
Dangan Ronpa 3 Despair Side (anime)
Dangan Ronpa V3
I've followed DR for the most part and it's alright. I've seen the anime's and I've followed lets plays of DR and SDR2. They all look like Ł15 maximum price for what they are. The reason I brought it up in comparison with Zero Time Dilemma is that it's what i'd describe as 'More than a run-of-the-mill VN', and I can get that on steam for Ł30, and I think for what it is it's a fair price.

Basically the trouble is that I feel like playing it, but considering how much downtime there is in between actual game play (from what I've seen of the first 2 games) it doesn't look worth the price tag. If there's more actual game play then I could definitely consider buying it. If not then I guess I'll either watch a lets play or get it on sale later on.
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