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So as you guys may have noticed, I've been on one of those unannounced hiatuses that I've been prone to undergo in the past for a few months now.

As you may know, I'm currently a senior in high school, and my course load and list of duties have been more numerous than they've ever been.

My intention was never to leave PASBL hanging or shirk my responsibilities here,
but as time crunches started crunchin, I found that ASB continued to go to the wayside.

And that's problematic for me, as whenever I do get involved with ASB, I try to be as active and helpful of a member of the community as I can, to debatable levels of success.

But it kept being easier to say, "hey, I COULD ASB, but I could also start writing this essay for a college application!" or "hey, I should probably ASB, but I've been working all day, and I just kind of want to play video games."

That's probably the root of the problem in my mindset: I started thinking about ASB as a responsibility or work.

And it is, to some extent, there's a grind that goes into it that requires some mental focus that I just haven't been able to find.

It was fine earlier in high school when I had large swaths of time to try and work on ASB, since I had trouble with focusing even then, but I had time to spare.

But now that there's so much of a time crunch, it's just... difficult.

I love the ASB community, even though it's a little drama-prone at times, and I love being here.

So I'm at another stage in my life where I'm going to evaluate just how much effort I'm willing to devote to ASB.

The answer will likely be a good deal, since I love being here, but my pop-ins will likely be much more sporadic and spread out than they were when I was able to be active in the past.

Consequently, unless things have changed way too much and I'm not even a ref anymore, I'll limit the amount of things that I ref and the amount of battles that I take on going forward.

This is still a stressful few months that I have up ahead thanks to college applications and stuff, so don't expect large bursts of energy from me.

That being said, I missed you guys. I hope I haven't outstayed my welcome.

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