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(Quick Reply, because, puzzle.)

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The Park
Missingo Master:
You assess your situation of the doors’ clues, alongside the girl’s blundering reveal of where she was. “Dar-, dar-, dar-,” you contemplate the wordage. She was about to say something else first. “Darumaka?” But none of the doors portrayed a Darumaka it would seem. Meowth is only agitated further by this fact but you try to relax him, reasoning that there must have been some sort of inverse logic hidden within the clues. You go over the Pokémon one by one; Lapras and Feraligatr, two Water types which might have a connection with squids, had nothing else about them that would strengthen this conviction. You forego these choices for now and move on to the others such as Marowak, when Fang indicates the door with a picture of himself.

You mull over the numbers momentarily and figure out that Carnivine’s inverse number, so to speak, would have come up as the index for Darumaka. And the ghost did indeed reveal something along the lines of Dar-. Reasonably, one would expect that such a clever solution may indeed have been the key to all of this (if only your updater really could make something that clever).

First things first, your reunion with Meowth. Quite a few Pokémon have exhibited a reluctance to being confined in a Pokéball, and Meowth was exactly one of them. However, in a situation such as this, he would be willing to forego his uneasiness if it meant using a cheap shortcut to bring you two together. You hold out Meowth’s Pokéball, a rare occasion for you, and recall the Pokémon to safety. It was unsure if the ball’s light was affected by the shifty gravity of the room, and the beam of light did indeed move slower through the air than usual, but the red shimmer remained nevertheless straight and on target. Within seconds Meowth’s body was covered in a red veil and disappeared into the Pokéball’s shine, and finally the confines of the Pokéball itself. Success!

Next would come the door itself. The white door with the Carnivine phantasm on it opened easily on touch. Within, you saw a screwy staircase that went down, or at least it seemed to go down. Once through, you realise it was moving up, where it toiled around itself and recoiled back, past the door and into the wall behind, parallel to the door. The door behind you shut with a jingle, and a soft green light pervaded the room. An image on the door revealed itself like the ones before, baring a resemblance to a Leafeon. The door, if you would try, was locked.

“You can’t go back through a door if you just came out,” the girl’s voice explained with a giggle.

The staircase, as screwy as its hairpin structure was, didn’t knock you off when traversed. Instead, you found that each tread by your feet, clung to the disorderly steps. Gazing through the green-illuminated room, you see the same polyhedron sphere floating in the centre of the room. The wall to your left exhibited the familiar sight of the Ekans’ head. All the Carnivine door had managed to do, it seemed, was move you to a different plane.

Looking around, you had three doors to choose from. Well, two technically, as the door you had just come through, marked by a Leafeon, was locked. One other door floated ever so slightly off the the centre of the floor, while the last hung above you upside-down. Another staircase in the form of a loop could theoretically take you there, assuming the gravity would shift once more as you moved. Their icons were a Slurpuff and a Weezing.
It was a tense moment as Keith held out the Poké Ball. What the physics of the room would do to the recall beam was anyone's guess... and in reality, all that was different was that the beam was slower than usual. That was literally it. Keith was able to withdraw Meowth with no trouble whatsoever. "Yes!" he grinned, before opening the Poké Ball back up, whereupon Meowth reappeared. He and Keith immediately hugged, happy to be reunited.

"Alright, alright, enough o' da mushy stuff," Meowth grinned as he climbed onto Keith's shoulder, starting to feel safe and secure once more. "We gots less den an hour, don't we?"

Keith nodded. 'That we do," he confirmed. "So let's find the last ghost, find Myrtle, and get the hell outta here!"

"Music ta my ears!" Meowth nodded.

"Vine!" Fang exclaimed in agreement. And with all this agreed upon, Keith led the way through the Carnivine door, and into...

...a staircase. A staircase that looked like it went down while really going up and did all sorts of things. One confusing climb later, and they emerged... in the exact same room as before. Just a different part of it, inaccessible to them previously. And speaking of inaccessible, the ghost gave another piece of information- doors they just went through would lock behind them. They couldn't go back the way they came.

Meowth glared at Keith. "You and yer Pokédex numbers," he grumbled. "Wat are our options dis time?"

Keith looked around. "Well, not the Leafeon door," he said unhelpfully. "Let's see... there's a Slurpuff door, and- ooh, a Weezing door," he added with an involuntary grin. "Alright, lemme think, Weezing's number is 110," he murmured, seemingly needing approximately zero time to think of that one. "That switches around to eleven-"

"Oh, fer da love o' Arceus!" exploded Meowth. "If it was Pokédex numbas, dat last one would'a gotten us dere! I gots another idea- we just came trough da Carnivine door, which is now da Leafeon door. Both Grass-types. We gots a Weezing door and a Slurpuff door. A Poison-type and a Fairy-type. Which one's got da type advantage?"

"Well, Weezing, of course," said Keith. "But in this environment, type matchups are switched around, so-"

"But don't forget, Fairy's gonna be neutral ta Grass any way ya slice it," Meowth reminded Keith. "So maybe dat's got sometin' ta do wit it. We pick da type dat's either weak or strong against da door we just came trough."

"Maybe," nodded Keith. "But... what if it's the complete opposite? Your idea makes sense, Meowth. Perfect sense. But see, that's the thing- things that make sense by normal logic, aren't worth crap in this environment," he reminded Meowth. "So we figure out the logical answer-"

"-and do da complete opposite," Meowth nodded. "It's worked fer us so far, ain't it?"

"My thoughts exactly," Keith agreed. "The Weezing door, by your logic, is the most logical answer..."

" da Slurpuff door it is!" finished Meowth.

"Carni Carnivine!" Fang nodded.

With that settled, Keith led the way once more, this time to the Slurpuff door. He only hoped that the thought process he and Meowth used to reach this decision was the right one.

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