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Sandaa- Taking a moment to catch your breath, you recall Espy as you call out to the man threatening the man you assume is Grant. A smile crosses the man's face as he looks over at you, he doesn't seem at all worried by your appearance. The man doesn't even blink as you call out Scurvy, despite the Aipom's best attempts to look menacing as he stands atop your shoulders. "I'm sorry, who are you?" The man's voice is brimming with confidence."This is no business of yours, if you value your life and that of your Pokemon, I advise you turn back the way you came." The man digs into his jacket pocket and produces an Ultra ball which he tosses out in front of himself. The ball bursts open to reveal a bulky frog like Pokemon, a large swirling pattern occupies its chest."Although it has been a while since my Poliwrath has gotten a good workout, maybe I should just beat you to a pulp?" The Poliwrath narrows its eyes before giving its muscles a good flex, the Water type seemed just as confident as its trainer.

The two grunts turned to their commander, wondering whether they should assist him."Pay attention to that Druddigon you idiots, the sooner you finish it, the sooner we can reunite our friend here with his daughter." The grunts nod before turning their attention back to their own battle. The Mightyena continue to sink their fangs into the Druddigon, only to hurt themselves on its rough skin. The Druddigon continued to bat the canines away with its powerful claws, but just how long it could keep it up was uncertain.
As the leader of the Ribs’ group frowned at Gary’s entrance and demanded an introduction, Gary smiled. “My apologies, how rude of me. My name is Gary, and this is Scurvy. And we’re the ones who have been beating up your grunts all day!” Normally Gary wouldn’t act so brazenly towards a dangerous criminal, but he seemed to feed off of Scurvy’s energy, who was grinning madly and ready to go. The man smirked and sent out his own Pokemon, a Poliwrath to be precise.

Gary quickly whipped out his Pokedex and scanned the opponent. “Its percentage of body fat is nearly zero. Its body is entirely muscle, which makes it heavy and forces its swimming prowess to develop,” it recited in a monotone electronic voice. Gary was in awe of the powerful water Pokemon, but could not afford to allow his personal interests get in the way of the battle. On top of that, it wasn’t a favorable matchup for the small Aipom.

“Sorry buddy, but this one’s not your fight,” he began, addressing his Aipom. “But how about you cause some mayhem on your way out? Fake the frog Out and while it’s stunned, shock its systems with a deafening Screech! Use your agility to Run Away before it can react and then let’s Pass the Baton to Venu!” Scurvy was a little disappointed he would only be around for the beginning of this fight, but grinned and nodded anyway. “Aye!” he responded, flexing his tiny arms to mock his opponent while Gary’s fingers grasped his Ivysaur’s Luxury Ball, ready to throw it.
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