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Sandaa: Trunks was a cute name for a cute Pokemon, although it was also the name of a character from a renown shounen anime, which meant that for all you knew, it'd grow up to be some overpowered destructive force that made dramatic and scary facial expressions. At his age, things could go anywhere! You gratefully accepted your rewards, and then off you went, using the Blastoise's epic Strength and brought out Aero as a bodyguard. You tease-- the kids would probably be upset that they weren't there to wave the favoured Mantine off, especially Joe.

The sea air was salty but refreshing (keep your mind out of the gutter, you're disgusting), and although part of you was worried about the Feralgatr stirring, it was hard not to just enjoy the trip for what it was. With the speed of your mount, the cluster of islands rapidly drew closer, even with such a weight behind; the view overflowing with golden sands and great, lush greenery. Your excitement built, even with the amount of time the trip was going to take. The sun was hot, and you were at risk of burning. Oh, well.

Raphael took the great beast the furthest he could to the other end of the Mints before the shallows meant that he was dragging his breathing cargo on foot or before there was simply no convenient place for you to disembark. At a glance, this area of the Mints looked like everywhere else did further away: a quiet beach on the edge of a vast, mysterious jungle. On the way, Bill had messaged you to ping your coordinates if you planned to stay. A new adventure potentially awaited you where your Pokemon had beached, if you chose to take it, or you could switch places or simply leave. What now?
As they traversed the ocean, heading away from the mainland and towards the untamed island known as The Mints, Gary had a hard time trying to not take in the surrounding environment. Their current task at hand was of the upmost importance, and a dangerous one at that. The sleeping Feraligatr wasn’t going to tow itself, so while Raphael took care of the manual labor, Gary and the flanking Aero tried their hardest to keep lookout on the slumbering giant and alert the Blastoise if there was any stirring.

Fortunately their journey to The Mints was peaceful and quiet for the most part. As they neared their destination, Gary could spot the untamed jungle that sprouted from the ocean on the horizon. Drawing closer, the shoreline became more detailed; a thin beach separated the shallows from the lush green jungle beyond. In order to unload their cargo, things would get a little bumpy if they were to come ashore, so Gary now had a decision to make: drop the Feraligatr and leave the area, or follow through with the plan to give this island a thorough exploration.

Gary pat Raphael on the head as the Blastoise made his way onto the sandy beach and recalled Aero back into his Dive Ball, thanking him for his service. Once the water was shallow enough to wade, Gary hopped off of Raphael’s shell and watched him pull the Feraligatr onto the bank. With the swiftness an acrobat, Gary reached out to loosen the ropes and yank them off the Feraligatr before darting backwards out of its reach. Once he had secured the rope and cleared the Feraligatr’s reach, he planned to go ahead and send Bill his coordinates. He thanked Raphael for his hard work as well, returning the Blastoise to his Net Ball.
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