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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life. Please respond in dodgerblue. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
(I've been informed that this place is temporarily open to new intros. If I heard wrong, please inform me and I'll remove this right away. )

"According to this appears this is the Blue Valley." A Snover said in perfect English. The Snover appeared to be following his trainer as they made their way through the Minnao Isles, a small map clutched between his hands.

"This is the Blue Valley? It's beautiful!" The Snover's trainer exclaimed as she admired her surroundings.

That trainer was none other then Anna, an up and coming trainer from Isshin village. Though she lacked the experience of most other trainers in the Fizzytopia region, Anna was determined to fix that. And what better way then a trip to the Minnao Isles?

"Sewaddle Sewaddle." Leif nodded as he clung to his trainers shoulder.

"There's so much to do's kind of overwhelming." Anna remarked as she readjusted the sunhat on her head.

"Waddle." Leif nodded once more.

"Well then....Leif..Benny...where do you think we should start?" The young trainer asked.

"Sewaddle. Waddle Sew." Leif frowned.

"Leif says he doesn't know." Benny translated, looking up from his map. "And neither do I, for that matter. I'm sure you can come up with something though. You're our trainer, after all."

"Right." Anna nodded in response to her Snover's words. "Then....let's keep walking this way for now. I'm sure we'll find something of interest soon enough."

Receiving no complaints from either of her Pokemon, Anna continued her walk, curious at just what she'd be able to find.
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