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"Y-yeah... i-it's an ability th-that only we Wishiwashi have, a-as far as I know," said Zygill. "B-But, I'm sure y-you're able to do things I can't imagine, too, right?"

"Indeed," Fatale nodded. "A very good man. Handsome, a skilled battler... I am sure young Artemis inherited much of her skill from her father," she said.

"Dad's awesome," Artemis piped up. "When I evolve again, I'm gonna ask him to teach me to fly!"

Anion was mildly impressed that even with no warning, Edrick was able to catch the ball. Throwing it to Anion, on the other hand, was a whole other swarm of Yanma. "Hey don't feel bad about that," grinned the Minun as she walked over to grab the ball. "You'll get the hang of throwing it. You're already good at catching it. Wanna try again?" she offered, holding up the ball.

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