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Lv. 01 (F) Paras ($200)
Alice did not have a problem. Whoever was reading this had a problem, probably, she childishly thought as she made her monthly visit to the Adoption Centre. It had crossed her mind more than once that perhaps she was out of control, that maybe the staff and others judged her and questioned whether with the amount of Pokemon taken in, could they possibly have a good home? The answer was yes, they did, although as with many Pokemon altogether there were sometimes clashes of personality. Not to mention, not all Pokemon had experienced a proper adventure yet, but with the Cloud Garden as their main home that wasn't always a bad thing. Farren, for example, was usually happy just taking a nap. Axel was the same.

It was Autumn now, although the trainer was still dressed like it was summer. The only exceptions were the trainers and socks instead of sandals and the fact that a hooded jacket or coat of some sort was usually tied around her waist. The grass exhibit was once again the visitor's target, and this time she crouched a bit, blue eyes skimming the view until her Pokedex picked up one of the female Paras.

"Yes, you! You're the one I'm hoping for. Hi there, Paras~!" It was another one of those picks that Alice couldn't quite understand herself for. There was Starly, Emolga, so many other Pokemon that had a more common appeal, but Alice wanted the little creature for sure. The thought had been on her mind for a while now, unable to shift, certainly more than a whim. "You're such a cute girl! Ahh, I wanna just give you all the cuddles and stuff!"

Perhaps it was because she always remembered the anime episode with the weak little Paras, or that it was an underdog of sorts. It was hard to know, but Alice was certain that there would be a place for her in the family. "I was thinking the names Morganna, or Morgan. If you want to come, maybe?" She had a Poke Ball and the $200 waiting in her pocket. All Alice needed now was an affirmative to go.
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