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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
1. The director for Kemono Friends, who was the brain behind everything from S1, was fired from S2 by producer Kadokawa
All I know of Kemono Friends is that the serval is popular.

According to Wiki, the series was created by none other than the man who penned Keroro Gunsou! Yoshizaki Mine. However, even on his own Wikipedia page, it's explained that he was more of a "concept designer" than a writer for it? And the Kemono Friends page indicates that the director, Tatsuki, is the anime series' writer as well. Soo ... if it is as you say, and this man Tatsuki is the one who can be largely credited for making the anime what it is, both as its director and as its principal writer, then it sure does seem odd that they'd scrap him in favor of somebody new when ... he's the one who made the product that people are in love with.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
2. To aru Majutsu no Index season 3, after 7 years since season 2, was announced via a leak. Kadokawa's Twitter accidentally released an interview with the prospective director basically admitting the project has been greenlit that wasn't supposed to be posted until October 5.
Huh. Interesting. A, this is good news for Index fans disappointed by how Railgun took over the franchise, I guess. (Don't know. Haven't seen either one!) B, this is great news for Haruhi fans and fans of other franchises that are waiting on long overdue sequels. If they can make Index S3 seven years after S2, they can make Rozen Maiden S3, Haruhi S3, Kaiji S3, the list goes on.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
3. One Punch Man S2 is not being animated by Madhouse. It's being JC Staff.


Why would they do this!? A, why would MadHouse pass on the opportunity to do what you have always argued to be the better half of OPM? And B, why would The Powers That Be snub MadHouse and hand the torch on to J.C. Staff who, a few wonderful exceptions aside (Toradora!, Sakurasou), really haven't had the best track record to date? I mean, I didn't even watch it, but I'm still reeling from what by all accounts was their botched adaptation of Key's Little Busters.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
#3 is pretty good if you're an Overlord fan. Overlord got shafted during S1 because most of the top-tier production team was siphoned away to work on OPM. Now, Overlord S2 is going to be Madhouse's marquee title for Winter 2018.

I mean ... I guess it's great news for Overlord fans! But man, this is tragic news for OPM fans. You wait years for Season 2, only to be told it's going to be done by J.C. Staff ...

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
It's especially fitting that the Overlord light novel is actually no longer being marketed as a "light novel" anymore. With the last several volumes averaging 400 pages, it's now in the higher-prestige "novel" territory, along the same vein as titles like Seikai (Banner of the Stars), Slayers and Ginei (aka Legend of the Galactic Heroes).
I have thoughts and questions about this, but I guess I will shelve them for now.
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