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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
I am gifting my lv. 1 male Darumaka with EM’s Sleep Talk and Focus Energy (he is also inside of a Premier Ball) to Missingno. Master.

*Gift sent*
"Wow," Keith murmured. "What a view!"

"Yeah," Meowth agreed. "Almost makes it worth dat long hike up here."

Keith turned, giving Meowth a look. "What are you complaining about?" he chuckled. "You rode on my shoulder the whole way up here!"

"Yeah, but still," shrugged Meowth, as though this justified it. Chuckling, Keith shook his head and turned back to the view before him- a long trek up the side of Mt. Ocman left him with a breathtaking view of Maze Valley, so named for the plant life and rock formations that seemed to form an intricate maze. Very likely difficult to explore, Keith figured, but at the same time, an amazing sight from high above.

"Hey, Meowth," Keith grinned, as these thoughts occurred to him.

"Lemme guess," Meowth sighed. "Yer gonna suggest we go down dere and explore dat maze. I'm gonna object, ask whether yer crazy, try ta dissuade youse wit speculation about all da possible horrors wat might await us, and yer either not gonna care about it at all, or actually be even more motivated ta go den you was in da first place. Dat sound about right?"

"Pretty much," said Keith. "Plus, I already started heading down there during your monologue," he added, chuckling as Meowth facepalmed (facepawed?).

Now that they were going along with gravity rather than opposing it, they found this leg of the journey much easier, and before long, they were surrounded by the maze-like formation they had been marveling at from above. The rocks and trees and various plants were so close together that not even a Joltik could squeeze between them to get through the walls. It was clear- if you wanted out, you either had to find the exit or Fly out.

And Keith had no intention of Flying out just yet. He pressed onward, hoping to find something cool within. Meowth was on high alert, keeping eyes and ears open for any sign of a hostile wild Pokémon, but nothing was showing up.

"Hm," Keith murmured, sounding mildly disappointed. "Still nothing... Hello, what's this?" he added, for they had come to a large rectangular rock formation. Distinct from the rest of the maze in that a path seemed to lead in a complete circuit around the formation, to say nothing of the Unown runes carved into the rock.

"So, wat, is dis some kinda ancient ruin or sometin'?" Meowth asked.

"Lemme see what this says," Keith murmured, reading the Unown runes.

A shadow of red pursues you,
with great and terrible speed.
Run away you must,
but you also must take heed.

Do not look back behind you,
but keep your eyes ahead.
Lest the speedy being of pink cut you off,
and surely kill you dead.

Beware the bashful blue one,
with random behavior abound.
Whether he chases, ambushes, or meanders,
you won't want to stick around.

The pokey one of orange,
is the best at making you lose.
He may act dumb and ignorant,
but this is just a ruse.

"...Yeesh," said Meowth once they had read through all of it. "Wat kinda Pokémon live in dis maze anyhow?"

"Or lived," Keith corrected Meowth. "There doesn't seem to be anything in here... ooh, I stand corrected," he added, for they had just arrived at an opening in the rectangular rock formation. Inside there sat four Eggs, each one a solid color, quite unlike any Egg Keith had seen before. One was a vibrant shade of red. One was a bright shade of pink. One was a soft shade of cyan. And the last one was a fiery shade of orange. Keith tried to approach them, but all but the red Egg seemed to be blocked off by an invisible barrier of some sort. "Are... are these Pokémon Eggs?" Keith murmured wonderingly.

And then, as if to answer his question, the red Egg started glowing. Keith's eyes widened, but before he could even do anything, the Egg hatched on its own, revealing kind of an egg-like Pokémon in its place. Keith didn't need to whip out his Pokédex for this one- he'd owned a Darumaka before, he knew what they were.

"...Maka? Maka!" Darumaka exclaimed. "Daruuu... MAKA!" And he started to run, very fast, in circles all around Keith before springing up and landing in his arms.

"Heh, whoa!" Keith grinned. "Energetic little guy, aren't you? And fast!"

"Maka maka!" nodded Darumaka.

"Oh, we are not keepin' it, are we?" Meowth groaned. "I don't suppose youse forgot wat happened da last time ya had a Darumaka?"

"Hey, it wasn't that bad," Keith frowned.

"Ya only traded him away once Luna warned youse dat if ya didn't, he'd kill youse by accident!" Meowth exclaimed. "And youse wants another Darumaka now?!"

"Not all Darumaka are the same," Keith said wisely. "Just like-"

"Yeah, yeah, just like Stunfisk," Meowth sighed. "I just hope youse knows wat yer doin' here, is all. Wat are ya gonna name him?"

"Well, I was thinki-" began Keith, before his eyes fell to the ground where Darumaka's Egg had sat. Now that the Egg was no longer there, the Unown runes etched into the ground were visible, spelling out a singular word- Blinky. "...Well, that's good enough for me," said Keith. He turned to the Darumaka in his arms. "We'll call you Blinky. How's that sound?"

"MaKAAA!" Darumaka cheered happily.

"Once again, good enough for me," Keith grinned. He produced a Premier Ball from his backpack and tapped Blinky with it, sucking him inside. The Zen Charm Pokémon put up no fight whatsoever, and the catch was complete in no time. "Now," Keith added, throwing a Fast Ball. "Colin! Fly us back to Sludge Wave Coast!" he exclaimed as his Yanmega appeared. And Colin obliged, grabbing hold of Keith with his six legs, and taking flight at once, lifting them up and out of the maze as they made their way back home.

OOC: Accepting the level 1 male Darumaka from Patches, naming him Blinky, and declaring his Ability to be Inner Focus.

*"Trade" closed*
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