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Today is a huge day in anime. I'm sure the last one of these announcements is going to put BBB on Prozac:

1. The director for Kemono Friends, who was the brain behind everything from S1, was fired from S2 by producer Kadokawa
2. To aru Majutsu no Index season 3, after 7 years since season 2, was announced via a leak. Kadokawa's Twitter accidentally released an interview with the prospective director basically admitting the project has been greenlit that wasn't supposed to be posted until October 5.
3. One Punch Man S2 is not being animated by Madhouse. It's being JC Staff.

#3 is pretty good if you're an Overlord fan. Overlord got shafted during S1 because most of the top-tier production team was siphoned away to work on OPM. Now, Overlord S2 is going to be Madhouse's marquee title for Winter 2018.

It's especially fitting that the Overlord light novel is actually no longer being marketed as a "light novel" anymore. With the last several volumes averaging 400 pages, it's now in the higher-prestige "novel" territory, along the same vein as titles like Seikai (Banner of the Stars), Slayers and Ginei (aka Legend of the Galactic Heroes).
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