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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Ironthunder: The Donphan and Seviper looked at one another before looking down at the leaf, they glanced back at the two ladies and then back towards the leaf --- clearly confused by what had transpired. The Seviper leaned towards the Donphan and whispered something in his ear, to which he gave a hearty sigh and a look back towards Caeda. He gave a sincere smile before nodding to his companion.

"I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions like that... you guys really don't look like you're from around here. I probably shouldn't have scared you." He took a few steps back to give them proper breathing room. "You said your friend was following the thief?" He asked, his eye lighting up at the prospect. The Seviper leaned towards him again, whispering something in his ear and pointing towards where Caeda had claimed the Rattata went. He gave another small nod, looking towards the two.

"Do you think your friend would bring him back here?" Asked the Seviper, looking at the duo. "If ssshe doesss, I'm sssure the bossssss would reward you." She gave a sincere smile. It seemed as though these two would much rather prefer if you did their dirty work for them. How do Caeda and Kaitlyn react?


The Rattata seemed startled seeing a ghost basically pop out in front of him, he gave a small startled cry before looking around frantically --- almost as though he was trying to come up with some sort of excuse. He gave a startled smile upon seeing it was one of the ladies from before, trying to play off the cool guy vibe again. "Oh um. Me..? Pawn my problems off on someone else..? You must think lowly of me sweetcheeks." He replied, giving a careful wink and a small twitch of his whiskers. Upon realizing that Hope was totally not buying it, he sighed and stood on his hind legs, putting his paws together.

"Look lady. What if that was my intention? What then?" He asked with a coy smirk, giving a rather odd vibe to Hope.

This Ratatta was somewhat of a, let's face it, asshole. What does Hope do?
Hope was seething at the Rattata, her anger barely held in check at the insignificant rat. "Look lady. What if that was my intention? What then?", it asked her. That was the final straw. "DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE TO BE TOYED WITH???", she bellowed at the insolent bastard, before unleashing the Shock Wave she'd been readying into its face, followed by another. "NOW SPEAK PLAINLY, CUR, LEST YOU FEEL MY FURY SOME MORE!" And as if to prove a point, she prepared a Gunk Shot to assail her foe with should he attempt to flee like the slimy bastard he was, or if he retaliated with an attack against her.

Hope's echoing yells carried through the forest, visibly startling Kaitlyn as she and the Skarmory contemplated how best to proceed. Caeda appeared unruffled however, and rather spread her wings, anticipating a flight. "It would appear that Hope's confronted that Rattata. She never was good at just tailing people... Anyway, shall we go and see where she's gone to? We might want to hurry though, she's not exactly one for holding back when she's angered so, especially when she's angered at something that can try to run." With the decision now in the hands of the other Pokemon, she turned and grabbed Kaitlyn, positioning the Petilil on her back and reassuring her that they'd be flying lower this time, to allow the Donphan and Seviper to follow, as she took off, circling twice to give them time to decide before pursuing the unfortunate victim of Hope's wrath.
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