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War of the Roses

A low heavy bass brought the introduction of Team Cool. “Now for Team Cool, presenting Seiko and Sasha!” Seiko ushered out her sparkling choice of contestant. Sasha’s fur shimmered as the spotlight hit it, and she struck an impressive pose with her paw on the Shield and Trident firmly in her mouth. The Shuriken in her bangs provided a fierce look to the fluffy fox. She turned to brandish her demonic looking wings. She struck a final pose, giving a relaxed and stoic look. There was a short moment of deliberation before the judges presented their scores. An 87 from Primrose, and 85s from both Madoka and Samuel.

“So cool! That gives you an average of 85.7!” Peony called out.

“Impressive…” Primrose looked to be nodding off despite the loud music. The Alolan Vulpix strutted off under the sign marked COOL and took a seat.

“Last but certainly not least, Drew’s Zylia!” The final member to emerge also sported an unusual coloring. Zylia the Shadow Roselia strutted out to center stage. There was a Pirate Hat perched on her head and a smug look on her face. She didn’t even seem to be phased by the large crowd in front of her. With a flowery hand, she pointed the Trident at the audience. With the other she threatened to send a sharp Shuriken flying. The already deadly rose sported another weapon, a Toy Cutlass attached smartly with a Tie. Any seafaring folk in the audience could tell they wouldn’t want to encounter such a Pokemon at sea. Guards were stationed close by in case of any accidents, but the judges didn’t seem to worried about Zylia’s several weapons. Primrose held up an 80, as did Madoka. Samuel proudly raised a 90.

“That gives you an average of 83.3! Great!” Peony cheered.

“Haha!” Samuel laughed heartily. “A pirate, would you look at that!” Zylia took her cue and stepped back under the COOL sign next to Sasha.

“Alright! Everyone give a big hand for Team Cool!” Peony let the applause fade out. The lights dimmed again, and the crowd waited for the announcement of what would come next.
Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
War of the Roses

“That was fantastic!” Peony exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “Let’s give everyone a round of applause, shall we?” The audience cheered on as the contestants took a bow and made their way off the stage. “I’ve never seen such amazing costumes before!” Peony continued, twirling the microphone in her hand. For all of their efforts in the Poke-Pageant, the following Pokemon are awarded levels:
2 levels: Zylia the Shadow Roselia
“Now then,” Peony spoke, pirouetting on stage before striking an idol pose. “I hope you didn’t think that was all! Up next is… THE GRAND FINALE!” The lights on the stage suddenly dimmed as Peony made a quick exit from the stage. Moments later a pair of spotlights operated by a Jumpluff and a Whimsicott shined down from above, revealing the four queens of the Rose Garden. Bellossom did a quick curtsy with her grassy skirt, Roserade struck a cool and stylish pose, Lilligant put her leafy hands together and tilted her head, smiling demurely, and Tsareena lifts her leg into the air like a crane stance.

The audience cheered once more and Peony reappeared with the mic at the bottom of the gazebo’s steps. “That’s right! We’ve got one more round to go, and this one takes the cake! We’re having one more round of pageantry, and this time the queens are the models! The rules will be the same as before; use any of the accessories that your team gathered and try to fit you team’s style! However, this time around you are allowed to work together as a team if you wish and submit a joint outfit. You may work separately and submit multiple appeals, but only the highest score from each team will count! Best of luck and may the fairest flower win!”

As Peony finished speaking, the four flower queens gave each other a fierce look before indignantly turning away from each other and exiting the stage to join up with their respective teams. Each team’s gardener had set up a divider curtain to allow their teams to work with the queens in privacy. The three judges sat back in their seats, eager to find out what the contestants would come up with next.

To clarify, here are the rules of the pageant:
1. Teams may submit a work together or work separately in this round. There is no benefit or demerit for either course of action.
2. Up to 5 accessories from each team’s list from the previous round may be used in an appeal.
3. Multiple appeals from a single team can repeat items used by teammates.
4. Each team will be judged based on appearance and overall fit to their team’s style. (Bellossom = Cute, Roserade = Cool, Lilligant = Elegant, Tsareena = Unique)
5. The deadline to reply is Sunday, October 1st
"Well, that could have gone better," Rotom announced once the group had retreated back to the Greenery room. Having ventured out into the audience to see the results of his costume designing, Drew couldn't say he really disagreed.

"I mean, yeah," he said as much, "but no one got hurt so I'm still counting this as a win. Plus, even if we fell in the bottom half we didn't take last point-wise. Small victories, Rotom."

"I'm pretty sure Zylia is trying to steal that shuriken," Rotom deadpanned as he spied said Roselia secluded in a corner having flatly refused to rejoin them, her moment of cooperation past. Drew, not wishing to cause a scene, had let her, whispering to Rotom to make sure she didn't wander too far away as she went.

"Mixed victories, Rotom," Drew fired back without missing a beat.

Flapping off Drew's shoulder onto one of the work tables, Ace turned to look up at her trainer. "So boss, what's your plan for this finale thing? You gonna do something with those other two people?"

The man gave a loose shrug of his shoulders, folding his arms as he leaned back against another table. "I would, but I haven't seen either of 'em since before the show thing. And even then, I actually haven't seen that Sypher guy for a while. I'd've though he was stuck in the bathroom or something but I guess that's been locked up tight since about when this entire event started. No, we're going it alone. Besides, strategically it would be better for us each to submit an appeal or whatever if only to triple our chance at scoring high. If we only did one as a group that's our only shot."

Joining Ace on her table, Donnie started scanning the list of accessories. "So what is your plan then? I don't think the whole ninja-pirate idea went over that well."

"Yeah," Drew admitted, "that might've been too much or forced, even with Rule of Cool. But I don't think I was that off, considering Seiko's try. It looked like it had the same general idea behind it. I think if we combine the two ideas into a cohesive pirate ensemble, that would fit the 'cool' bill perfectly. I mean, pirates are cool, right?"

Rotom gave him a flat look. "You just have a thing for pirates, don't you."

"Well, you're not wrong, but seriously look what we've got to work with," Drew said, gesturing with his hands. "If we had a pair of sunglasses and like a leather jacket or something we could pull off a killer rocker with that guitar, but with only these? About half of them aren't even 'cool.' I mean, poufy clown-ish wig? A barrette and headband? A ladle? None of that screams cool to me."

"I take offense to the comment about the ladle," Donnie, the resident foodie and amateur chef pointed out. "Ladles are plenty cool."

Drew raised his hands in apology. "Sorry, sorry. But my point is that with those things there's only a couple options that scream 'cool' and pirate is the most cohesive one."

Before anyone could respond, the group was joined by none other than the Queen Roserade herself. Joining Drew and the others in a little bow, Rotom side-whispered, "I never said I disagreed, o' Captain my Captain."

Drew gave the Plasma Pokémon a Look, but otherwise focused his attention on Her Majesty. "Thank you for allowing us to decorate you, Queen Roserade. We promise to take our best efforts to ensure you look nothing but the coolest you can be. As I was just explaining to my companions, we believe that with the available accessories, the best and most coherent attire is that of a swashbuckling pirate hero. If I may?" he asked, gesturing to him adorning her with accessories. Upon agreement, he took the pirate hat and placed it atop her white head. "This of course makes it clear what we're aiming for, and these," he continued, passing her the cutlass and shield, "complete the look."

Giving the outfit a once-over, Drew nodded in satisfaction. "It may not be the most elaborate costume, but if I took away nothing else from my last try with my Roselia, sometimes less can be more. As long as you emphasize the inherent cool-ness of a swashbuckler, you should do great, Your Majesty."

From behind him, Donnie yelled out a cheerful "Good luck, Queen Roserade, ma'am" before being pecked by Ace. "Don't say that, Donnie," she admonished. "Telling someone about to perform good luck is bad luck. Instead say break a leg. Break a leg, Queen Roserade!"

The Grubbin just looked confused. "But why would I want her to get hurt? That's really counter-productive."
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