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I honestly prefer Mega Evolutions to Z-Moves. Mega Evos allowed mons not otherwise used to resurge, but you still had to strategize and think about it all. So many times, Z moves are "click button to either seal your victory outright or at least decimate your opponent's team enough that the rest of yours can clean up." Between being able to emerge victorious against a particular Pokémon that holds an opponent's team together in general or just against yours with a onetime nuke as well as being able to do crazy setup shenanigans with Z-Conversion or the like making weird niche status moves that ordinarily serve little purpose into win buttons, Z moves are just all over the map. There was also the immediate flood of CFZ-Deo-A spam BH teams that happened immediately upon gen 7 happening that left an incredibly sour taste in my usual love for that meta's zaniness until its ban which was mostly pushed for how two users meeting plus just wind up interrupted by endless battle clause due to Leppa Harvest. and is the reason I will advocate for BH to now have a species clause till the day either I or that format dies. And don't even get me started on how Z-Moves have made OU fall further into the perpetual darkness of solitary rule by everyone's (not) favorite lion genie. Honestly delete genies entirely I hate them and their designs, but that's besides the point.
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