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I voted both. I like both. Mega Evolution is like a Pokémon's ultimate form, unlockable only with the help of a trusted Trainer, and Z-Moves are just awesome. I find myself using both of them frequently, both in the games and in FB.

Mega Evolution- on the one hand, it buffs affected Pokémon immensely, making them much better in battle. Some more than others, actually, a prime example being Beedrill going from underwhelming early-game Bug-type to your worst nightmare. On the other hand, only a small handful of Pokémon can actually Mega Evolve. For now, anyway- have not lost hope of more Pokémon gaining Mega Evolutions of their own as time goes on.

Z-Moves: On the one hand, they are more widely available. Yes, there's species-exclusive Z-Moves, but they are not the only Z-Moves in existence. Whether it's a one-time nuke or a nice upgrade to a status move, Z-Moves can benefit virtually anything. On the other hand, in terms of turning the tide of battles, they're a bit less effective at this than your average Mega Evolution. A well-timed Acid Downpour could very well topple a difficult opponent, but you're not gonna sweep a team with repeated Z-Moves like you would with a Mega Beedrill that got the +3 Attack boost from Fell Stinger.

I could go more in-depth on this, I admit, but I feel like it would all come to the same thing in the end- I like both Z-Moves and Mega Evolution, and I don't think I really prefer one over the other.

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