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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Ironthunder: Your Pokemon all prepare their moves, listening to your plan intently. Hope takes her position at the edge of the waterfront, watching carefully for just a moment before phasing out of our plane and sinking into the water, a pale spectre glowing from the lake. Her eyes catch onto the Barboach, burrowing a little bit into the mud and she spins in the water, lacing a current of water with the energies from beyond the grave. On the surface, all you’re able to see is that pale glow and purple tendrils reaching out deeper into the water. You hear a whimper from below and Hope rises back up, nodding to your Grass-types.

Anna and Kaitlyn prep their shots at the Barboach, charging up from the environment around them. You notice them radiate a light green light. Caeda watches from above, stalking with talons at the ready. They watch a thin black shadow in the water poke it’s head up - likely about 10 feet away now from the coast, where the fish was much closer before. Your two Grass-types fire off thin beams of energy, and the Skarmory from above soars downwards. But as soon as those thin lines connect, Barboach cries out in pain, a sad, heartbroken whimper. Barboach dives beneath the water, so far down now that none of you are really able to see anything at all...

Caeda loops around a little bit, but no matter how far across the water she travels, there’s no thin shadow in sight within the water. Even close to you, you look into the water and see no signs of life. It seems like the Barboach wasn’t looking for a fight after all. What will you do?
Liawe waited with bated breath for the results of her orders, but the results were nothing like what she anticipated. The Barboach surfaced, following Hope's bait, only to take a pair of calamitous hits from her Grass types and wilt into the lake. Caeda circled overhead, preparing to strike, but the creature didn't resurface, and so Caeda loosed a screech of victory as she glided down to the rest of the squad. Meanwhile, Liawe stood there, appalled. She'd never fought in a Pokemon battle before, but that... That was overkill. She felt horrible for what she'd had her team do. The little fish was probably only playing, Kaitlyn hadn't even come to any harm from it, and yet they'd just annihilated the fish with no semblance of remorse. As she and Calem looked at the rest of her squad chatting among themselves, she could see she wasn't the only one who might be regretting their actions. Kaitlyn was practically sobbing, as Anna floated closer to try and cheer her friend up, while Caeda chattered away to (she assumed) try and calm the girl down. Hope on the other hand, was scanning the waters as if she wanted a Round 2 with the poor battered fish. As she made her way over to her team, she wondered what sort of a psychopath she'd picked up in the Shuppet.

As she arrived, Kaitlyn sped over to her and attached herself to her Trainer's leg, clearly upset by what she'd wrought upon the poor Barboach, while Anna quickly followed after her fellow Grassy friend. Caeda moved over and affectionately pecked her softly in the leg, before rubbing her head on the girl's thigh, while Hope floated, barely acknowledging her Trainer's presence. "Hope!" she called. "It's over, let it go." The Ghost type was clearly unhappy with this, but begrudgingly returned to her Trainer's side, still casting frequent glances over the water. Liawe sat down and picked up her Petilil, who was still visibly shaken by the events, stroking her head as she reassured her leafy accomplice that the blame did not lie with the terrified Petilil. Finally having calmed the green gal, she put her down and rummaged around in her bag, producing a few more snacks to settle her team after their uneasy encounter, which were soon being slowly eaten by everyone except Hope, who was still on the watch for the Barboach's reappearance. Liawe couldn't help but wonder, what if she hadn't overreacted? The Barboach was probably only just playing with Kait. What if indeed...
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