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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Missingno. Master – After observing old man Percy, it becomes very clear to you that this guy must be some kind of con artist. It may have been hard to confirm whether or not that Normal Gem was real from where you were but one thing you couldn’t possibly miss was him overselling everything he had to offer. There was no way you could just leave this one be, his actions were too strange, all of that for Nanab Berries? Knowing that there is no way he would spill if you just confront him, you come up with a plan and begin to approach. The man doesn’t notice you at first, although, you’re the one that’s leading the way, it’s almost as if he is looking right through you and only sees Miror. Another flash of greed shows on his face as he stares at your Maractus, only to vanish and become soft and welcoming.

Then, you speak the first line that the man can actually hear and he snaps out of it all together because he has finally noticed you. His face has a moment of disappointment and disgust, it seems he’s probably not as welcoming of people as he is of Pokemon. One thing you’ve also observed at this point is that this man really shows a lot of emotions on his face. You continue the act as you approach and the man rolls his eyes and then pretends he’s sorting things in his box, hoping you’ll just walk past him, but he has no such luck when you call for him directly. He flinches, takes a breath, and then puts on a fake smile to greet you. “What can I do for ya, lad?” You begin to explain that your Maractus is hungry and ask if he can spare one of his Nanab Berries. He raises an eyebrow, he seems to be a bit suspicious. “So, your Maractus’ favorite food is Nanab Berries… How convenient...” The man stares at Miror and watches as he puts on his best performance, even drooling a bit as he stares at the berries.

“Well, I’d hate to make a Pokemon suffer but I just can’t spare any of these berries. You see… They are my daughters absolute favorite and…” He pauses to sniffle. “She is very sick… These… These Nanab Berries are the one thing that can make her happy during this hard time. She used to pick them with her mother when she was a child and so when I bring her these berries, I hope that they will make her feel warmth, as if her mother is once again by her side…” The man makes a few more sniffle noises and also hasn’t made eye contact with either of you at all during this entire story, but that’s about to change. “Aha!” The man holds a single finger up in the air and appears to have come up with an idea.

He digs through his box and pulls out what appears to be a small see through plastic container filled with apple cores and turns his attention toward Miror. “Now little one, I know what this looks like, but this isn’t what it looks like! This is something that is very special and would be perfect for you, this is something I like to call, Leftovers!” The man holds the container out in front of Miror for a moment before pulling it back and holding it near his chest. Right now, it’s almost as if you don’t exist anymore, he is clearly just blocking you out and talking to Miror. “Not only will these Leftovers fill your belly indefinitely, they will also provide you with perfect health at all times! Have you ever battled another Pokemon only to get knocked out? Well, with these Leftovers in your belly, you will be continuously supplied with the health you need in order to keep fighting! Believe me, this is something you can’t pass up.” As you listen, you stare at the container and see that some of the apple cores have already turned brown. “This stuff will make you invincible I tell you! However, something like this doesn’t come cheap, but I really like you, so I’m willing to give you a huge discount. Instead of cash, all I ask is for you to bring me five Nanab Berries from the berry orchard nearby. Piece of cake.” The man nods at his own statement. “I know they are your favorite but think about my daughter and that the power these Leftovers hold can be all yours. This is a steal!”
The weirdness got weirder. As the duo approached, Percy seemed only to notice the Maractus. His face, initially betraying yet another flash of greed, turned soft and welcoming. He only seemed to notice Gavin upon actually hearing the man speak, and his reaction was remarkably different- a look of disappointment and disgust. He even flinched when Gavin addressed him directly, and seemed quite suspicious at the notion that Miror's favorite food just happened to be what he made a point to con others out of. But Miror did not let this suspicion mess with his concentration. He'd put on good performances before. Back in the Adoption Center, he had to constantly pretend to be this untameable, undesireable, unpredictable beast of a Pokémon to dissuade potential adopters until Gavin could get there to get him back. And while Nanab Berries were generally nothing special to Miror, he did think the taste was OK. But right now, Miror had to act like they were his whole world. And right now, that meant looking at the Nanab Berries and trying to pretend they were a bunch of Duking brand Poké Snacks- now that was good eating! He gazed longingly at the Nanab Berries, picturing them as the wedges of food that were so beloved by Pokémon in Orre, allowing himself to drool a little bit.

Gavin listened with great patience as Percy launched into a story about a very sick daughter whose absolute favorite was Nanab Berries, while adding, for good measure, the implication that said daughter's mother was no longer among the living. Sad though the story was, Gavin couldn't help but notice that the man seemed to be almost making a point to sniffle during said story. Almost as though he wanted it to be known that he was crying. Which Gavin seemed to doubt- another hint was the distinct lack of eye contact. Gavin had to resist the urge to give a derisive snort here- this behavior reminded him of every shady salesman in Pyrite Town trying to unload a bunch of Dr. Kaminko's useless inventions, except this guy didn't seem stupid enough to claim that something called the Unhealthy Sandals had all sorts of amazing health benefits. Even so, though, the behavior all seemed to line up with every con artist Gavin had ever had the displeasure to meet.

Percy then turned his full attention to Miror, now holding up a plastic container full of... apple cores. Miror had to resist the urge to burst out laughing as Percy claimed them to be the valuable held item known as Leftovers, while also grossly overselling what Leftovers were capable of. Instead, he looked interested and intrigued by his offer. And Gavin likewise did not act as though he saw through this man's act- he still believed they had to play along, at least for now, if they wanted to get to the bottom of this. But it was pretty hard to not look skeptical- some of the apple cores were even turning brown, generally not something one gets with Leftovers.

"Marac. Maractus!" Miror nodded with feigned enthusiasm at the man's offer.

"Nearby berry orchard?" Gavin repeated, trying to sound more curious than skeptical. "Which way would it be, do you know?" he asked. Inside, he was wondering why the man didn't just go to the berry orchard himself if he so desired Nanab Berries, if it really was so close by.

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