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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As he ate his lunch and waited for his Pokemon to finish healing, Jayson contemplated his strategy for the trial he wished to challenge in the Cloud Forest. In his mind, he planned on using Spartacus the totally-not-a-Scizor as his primary cutter while Atalanta the Dartrix would go on the offensive and Odysseus the Magnemite would serve as Spartacus’ guard. Once he was done eating and his Pokemon were done healing, the trainer went over the plan one more time before cleaning up after himself.

Stepping back outside the cabin, Jayson released his three trial Pokemon to get a ley of the land while he traveled alongside them on Boudicca’s back. As the mighty Mudsdale galloped north back the way she came, the trio of trial Pokemon flew and levitated alongside her, taking in the pleasant weather.

Much like the journey over, it was a short distance until Jayson and his Pokemon reached the wall of trees that marked the boundary of the Cloud Forest. Proceeding into the forest, Boudicca’s thunderous footsteps seemed to scare away many of the native inhabitants of the forest. Eventually they arrived at a familiar signpost, the one that had directed them to the cabin before. As it was now time for Jayson and friends to venture into unexplored territory, he found an arrow on the post labeled “Woodcutter’s Trial” which pointed him the right way further north.

Progressing northbound into the forest, Jayson found the atmosphere to be slightly different from before. Although the sun had not begun to set just yet, it was getting later in the afternoon, which caused the lighting and the shadows to appear much different from the ambiance he experienced earlier in the morning when he battled against the pair of bug Pokemon. Fortunately the trail had been neatly maintained, as there was probably a regular stream of traffic that flowed through this particular area of the forest. Further up the trail, they came to yet another fork in the road; one path to the right that seemed to head off towards a cabin in the distance while a path to the left went deeper into the forest.

Jayson could hear a faint chopping noise that seemed to echo throughout the forest from the left, probably the best indicator of the man he was looking to meet. Heading in that direction, he came upon a large clearing with a massive log laying across the middle. Circular rings of the fallen wood had been sawed off where a large man was busy chopping into firewood. Upon hearing the loud footsteps of Boudicca, he turned around to face his visitors. “Hey there!” he greeted, wiping sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. “You wouldn’t happen to be here for the trial, would you? Your timing is perfect; would you mind helping me carry some wood to my cabin first? The name’s Samuel Flint by the way,” The man with the fiery red beard smiled and went to shake Jayson’s hand before motioning over to a rather large pile of chopped firewood. Most of it had already been tied up into bundles. (Please reply in limegreen)

Thankfully it hadn't taken them long to make their way to the trial site, before they knew it they were standing in front of the trial leader, a man by the name of Samuel Flint. The woodsman had a rather impressive red beard, his arms were brawny and tough, likely for years of woodcutting. Samuel was quick to ask a favour, it seemed he needed a hand lugging some firewood back to his cabin, something Jayson was more than happy to accommodate.

"Well met Samuel, or do you prefer Sam?" Jayson slid down off of Boudicca's back before walking over to greet the trial leader properly. Jayson gave the woodsman a firm handshake,"my name is Jayson, these are my Pokemon, Boudicca, Odysseus, Spartacus and Atalanta."At mention of her name, Atalanta flutter down to land on her trainer's shoulder."I would be more than happy to help you cart the firewood, in fact I reckon Boudicca can just about handle the entire load by herself."Boudicca trotted over, delighted for the opportunity to display her strength. Looking around, Jayson spotted a bundle of unused rope, it would be more than enough for what he intended. Walking over to the already tied bundles, Jayson tied an end of the rope to one bundle, before getting Atalanta to cut off the rope at about a metre. He then tied that end to another bundle, connecting the pair with a length of rope."Give me a hand would you Samuel?" Jayson instructed the woodsman to lift up one bundle while he would lift up the other. They would hang it over Boudicca's back, making it much more comfortable for her to carry."If we do this for all the bundles we should be ready to go in no time", Jayson smiled, he was eager to finish this menial task and get to the trial. Spartacus and Odysseus can made their way over to assist, it seemed they were also eager to get started. However he was so eager he had forgotten something, Samuel was capable of teaching Pokemon the Hidden Move Cut, something that would surely come in handy during the trial."Oh Samuel, since I am doing you a favour, how about you return it? Spartacus would love how to use Cut, would you be able to teach him?"

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