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(New adventure but Naru has agreed to take me on)

Jayson's other Pokemon had told them of this island, as well as what happened when they visited. That was some time ago however, surely things would be different this time around? They had forgone the boat trip in favour of a more relaxing mode of transport, at least for two of them. Jormungand the Gyarados had no issue transporting the pair across the open ocean, the larger than normal serpent enjoyed being out of his ball for such an extended period of time. Odysseus scanned the horizon, the Magnemite had been left in charge of the rag tag group, his tactical position in his trainer's team had earnt him a fair amount of trust. Odysseus surveyed the island as they approached, they would land at the beach and inspect the area for signs of items first before making their way further into the wilderness. Turning to look at his companion, Odysseus let out a little screech to wake the slumbering Trieu. The Skorupi was only young and was more than content to sleep on the Gyarados's tongue for the majority of the trip. On a couple of occasions Jormungand had almost forgotten about them and almost swallowed them whole. Thankfully Odysseus was always alert and was able to give the Gyarados a quick shock to remind him of their presence.

Jormungand slivered up onto the beach, lowering his head down to the sand he let his companions exit his mouth."Ahh, feels good to not have you pair sitting in my mouth", the Gyarados gave his jaw a stretch, opening and closing the giant orifice."Where do you suggest we start Odysseus?"

"First I think we better let Trieu stretch her legs", the Skorupi was full of post nap energy and was currently sprinting through the sand."Trieu how about you lead the way to start with? See if you can find any other Pokemon around here."

"Really Ody? Yay! Come on Jormy, let's go find some friends to play with." The Skorupi took off along the beach, streaming ahead of her companions.

"Hmmmm", moaned Jormungand,"I wish she wouldn't call me Jormy." The Gyarados began to swerve through the sand, it wasn't as easy as moving through the water but he was more than capable of land travel.

"You have to understand she is only young Jormungand, indulge her a little." Odysseus let out a chuckle before pursuing Trieu, the young Skorupi moved faster than he thought.

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