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"I-it's happened t-to me before, actually," replied Zygill. "It doesn't d-disturb our sleep o-or wake us up, b-but whatever happens w-when we do this, w-we see as a dream wh-while we're sleeping. A-as long as at least one of us is awake, we all can attack together. I-It's hard to explain," he added almost apologetically.

"Oh, yes," Fatale nodded. "You know, you're all right, Elenchos," she added. "You don't strike me as being quite as sadistic as I can be, but you can still appreciate the gruesome things I so love to talk about. My Severus is quite like that as well," she remarked, her eyes softening ever so slightly at the mention of the Dustox she loved.

"I'll give you that," conceded Anion, backing up a bit, before dashing forward with a mild Quick Attack to send the ball back towards Bell. "But you still made them happen, didn't you? I mean, those cocoon things are just awesome!"

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