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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Medmana- Deciding that Louise's Sweet Scent would be ineffective in this setting, you conclude that the Mawile would need assistance in tracking down the Herdier. Selecting a Pokeball from your bag, you bring out Elen the Inkay to assist you in the pursuit. Upon instruction the Inkay quickly fades from sight, making use of its cephalopod traits to camouflage into her surroundings. You head down the alley the Herdier fled through, hoping to pick up on its trail. Unfortunately there was no sign of the canine, it had disappeared into the crowds of people that filled the street. You push your way through the crowd, looking for any sign of the Normal type but to no avail. Elen is also unsuccessful, she floats above the crowd for a better view but fails to locate the renegade Herdier.

You continue to search hopelessly for the Herdier and your stolen wallet, eventually you reach the end of the street and the low lit shop that stood there. A rusty old sign groaned as it rocked back and forth, the faded words read, "Freya's Fortunes". A veil of beads hung in the door, they gently parted as an invisible entity entered the shop. For some reason Elen had chosen to head into the store, you had the option to call her back but perhaps the Inkay was onto something?

"Come in young one", a haunting voice flows from within the store,"what you seek isn't here but perhaps we can find the path that you must follow."
The city was quite the crowded place, for sure. Quite a few people yelled and swore up and down when either Louise or Chroma pushed past them, and asked what that wind was as Elenchos wove his way past their heads... But none of this was of any interest to any of the trio. There was a dog to catch and they needed to reclaim their cash- without that, none of the various shops that lined the streets would do them any good at all!

Unfortunately, the herdier's familiarity with the area and generally being more used to the urban environment meant it had an immensely easy time evading all three of its pursuers at once- and one of them even had a bird's-eye view! It didn't take any of them long to realize that their quarry had escaped, but Louise in particular wasn't about to give up quit yet- she had found a non-sweet variety of doughnut for the first time in her life, and was not about to let such an opportunity allude her now!

That wasn't to say that the other two had given up the chase, however- rather, they came to convene at one shop in particular. "This place certainly feels mystical..." Chroma said as she approached the bead-shrouded gateway. A shift in the curtains let her know that she wasn't the only one drawn to the place, and she couldn't help but chuckle a little at the invitation. Most ordinary people would've been a little freaked out by the seemingly dissembodied voice, but most people didn't grow up around such paranormal phenomena in the first place. "Ah, but I still found something I've desired, it seems," she responded as she brushed past the beads herself. "Though the matter you speak of is quite the pressing issue. I'll graciously accept your offer of assistance." Although Elen hadn't made himself visible again, she could feel the inkay hover to her side. What was it that he was interested in?

'Alright, this wasn't funny before, and it sure ain't funny now!' Louise declared as she kicked a can out of her way. The separated mawile was certainly getting quite annoyed with their canine friend at this point...

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