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A split second after after Kawaii stepped into the silken dome, air pressure suddenly shifted, hard, and sucked her into what felt like a narrow tube. Less than a second later, the force seemed to slow down a little before ejecting her onto solid ground. Ami was, of course, waiting "So, what did ya think?"

Nadie nodded, feeling much more at ease. 'Okay, what does she say?'

'Excellent...' Aside from an odd looking bulbasaur sleeping in a corner, the group didn't encounter anything until the got to the pool, at which point a dewpider burst out from the surface, evidently having just been attacked.

'How many times do I have to tell you, it isn't just your pool!'
he yelled as he stood up, still unaware of the approaching gals.

'I claim whatever I want, and I claim this water!'
an angry-sounding voice countered back. 'An' you'd best keep than in mind before ah blast that head o' yours off!'

Glimmer huffed. 'The fiend's in there, it seems...' She shook her head and shrugged. 'Not that it matters any.' And with that declaration, she pulled out the leaf from her head and stepped forward.

~ ~ ~

'Oh, dat would be kinda cool to do!'
Butternut agreed. 'But wouldn' dat be problematic fer some o' dem? What if dey were sleepin' when you call?'

'Oh, it would definitely be gruesome!' Elen agreed with an almost malicious chuckle. 'Though I'd have to be a bit careful- cut the wrong area, and they'll bleed out too quickly to make those agonized dying sounds for real long, right?'

'I am?' Bell asked, a little surprised. 'Well, most of the things I've made weren't my idea.' He headbutted the ball, which bounced off hie Bubble and back towards Anion. 'I Can't go taking all the credit!'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"

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