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I'd like to express my gratitude towards Alto and Bal for my previous adventure, but I have decided I need to start fresh.

A trio of Pokemon embarked onto Incognito Isle, making their way towards the secluded forest of the Withering Woods. There was an awkward atmosphere between them as they quietly shuffled over the leaf-covered trail. Despite the three Pokemon having little to say to each other, they had more in common than any of them wanted to admit.

First up was Lynxa the Sneasel. Despite being the oldest of the trio, she was still considered an adolescent who was clearly going through her aloof, rebellious phase. Often acting a bit like a punk, she rarely socialized with her trainer Gary’s other Pokemon, which was part of the reason why he had sent her on this little outing. Her teamwork could really use some work, and perhaps socializing with the other two Pokemon here could be the catalyst.

Next was Akame the Pawniard. Having been passed around by a number of trainers, she took on the mentality of the new kid in school; never wanting to make too many friends in fear of having to leave them someday. Because of this, she tends to keep to herself while honing her fighting skills while the rest of Gary’s Pokemon spent their time relaxing and playing. Gary had hoped she could learn to open up to her new teammates a bit.

Finally was Ikki the Murkrow. Of the three, he was the youngest and probably the most gregarious, which wasn’t saying much. Ikki was a curious crow, often wandering off on his own to explore things that interested him without taking his fellow teammates into consideration. While on this excursion, Gary hoped to teach Ikki to learn to share his interests with others rather than going about them alone.

As the Sneasel, Pawniard, and Murkrow entered the woods, few words were uttered. For now, all these three loners heard was the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind. What they would encounter next was anyone’s guess.
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