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TheKnightsFury: As Khutulun collected the prize, the Shinx had his eyes glued on your trio. His friends were both collapsed on the ground, sobbing silently as their blubbery tears and snot streaked the cavern floor. The leader was terrified, you assumed that you had probably gone a little too far... but at this point who cares? Sometimes kids need a tough lesson, and this time was certainly one of them. He was a young punk, and sometimes stronger Pokemon needed to teach weak Pokemon a lesson. Besides, only humans have proper human rights... right? If he kept thinking that he could get away with stuff like this, his next beating may result in his unfortunate demise. Spartacus approached the young Shinx, who was now shaking in his boots. He gave a rather nasty slash over the Shinx's face, resulting in a somewhat grotesque scar between his eyes. He hissed out in response, causing tears to stream down his face.

"I'm t-telling m-my m-mommy!" He yelled, bawling. His tears stained the cave floor, and the red blood was slowly turning his once golden fur a sickly mess of red. He ran in the opposite direction, back towards where you had originally found the Lairon. His friends, upon seeing that their ring leader was finally fleeing followed suit, hoping to get away from your trio as fast as they possibly could. Spartacus glanced at his two female companions, it had certainly been a fun outing. Got to help a guy with his heartburn, beat up some kids, the good things in life. It was finally time to go, his eyes glanced towards the bag on Boudicca's side. The silver of the Metal Coat glistened, he knew when he got back he could finally evolve... the thought was thrilling. The trio finally made their way back to the boat, glancing behind them a few times to ensure that now angry Luxray moms were following them.

[Thanks for having me as your updater <3, I had a lot of fun. If you ever return to II I'd love to update you again! I'm sorry this adventure took so long to complete ;~;]
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