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A Town in Shambles.

It was another beautiful, sunny day in the land of Fizzytopia. The suns rays beat down on the land, while a soft breeze ensured that almost no trainer would be too hot outside. Yes, it was the perfect day for a walk, which is exactly what one young trainer was doing....
Clutching a small, brown parcel was none other then Anna. Wearing her classic brown sunhat, and with a large smile on her face, it took all of Anna's willpower not to skip down the dirt path she was following.

This was it, her first adventure! And with Leif by her side, err...on her shoulder, she was feeling unstoppable!
Of course, it wasn't much of an adventure, Anna had to admit. Earlier that day, her father had wanted to deliver a package to an old friend of his. He was originally planning to deliver it himself, but after much pleading from her, the man had relented.

"So Leif, what do you think is in the package?" Anna questioned, giving the parcel a light shake.

"Sew Sewaddle..." Leif murmured, unsure of what kind of response his trainer was looking for.

"Oh, I guess you can't really answer me, huh?" Anna questioned, letting out a small chuckle. "I'm sorry."

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured once again, before turning his attention to the road ahead.

"Sewaddle! Sew Sew Sewaddle!" Leif exclaimed a moment later, pointing a stubby leg at the scene ahead. Just over the horizon the pair could see their destination. Ryuu Town.

"Huh, I would have guessed it'd be bigger." Anna thought aloud as she approached the town gate. "I guess it's still bigger then home though..."

Upon entering the gates, the first thing the girl noticed was a large statue of a Flygon. Riding on it's back was a young woman, who seemed to be pointing to the sky. But for some reason, the statue seemed oddly familiar to Anna.
Like she had seen it somewhere before. No, now wasn't the time for that, she could look into that later. At the moment, she had a parcel to deliver!

"Ok Leif let's keep our eyes peeled." Anna said, turning to the Sewaddle on her shoulder.
"According to my dad...he said his friend lived in a small red house. And her name was...umm...whatever, that's not important."

Hearing his trainer's words, Leif let out a small sigh, before nodding.

Looking around, Anna and Leif couldn't help but notice how unusually quiet the place was. Even Isshin Village had more activity at this time of day. What few people they did pass by, simply glared at the pair.
Just what had happened here, they had to wonder. Still, Anna was on a mission, and she was determined to see it through. Any questions she had about the place could come afterwards.

After a few minutes of searching, Anna and Leif manged to spot a small red house. It was exactly what they were looking for!

"Alright. That wasn't too hard, was it, Leif?" Anna questioned, slowly approaching the door.

"Sew." The Sewaddle replied, giving a small nod. He liked it that way. The easier things were, the better.

Once the pair had reached the door, Anna gave a couple of light knocks, excited to see just who would greet her.

After a few moments of anticipation, the door slowly opened. Peaking out was a rather old looking woman. If Anna had to guess, she looked to be at least eighty years old.

"Huh? Can I help you?" The woman asked, casting a nasty glare at the pair, not unlike the people from before.

"Oh umm....I'm here to deliver you a package. You know my father apparently." Anna explained.

At this, the old woman narrowed her eyes, before widening them, as if realizing something.

"Oh! You must be Anna! I'm sorry!" The woman apologized. "Your father informed me you'd be coming. Please, come on in."

"Thank you." Anna replied, flashing the woman a small smile, before stepping inside.

Once inside, the young trainer noticed a small table, with four wooden chairs neatly tucked under it.

"Please, have a seat dear." The old woman spoke up.

"Thanks." Anna nodded, before pulling out one of the seats. She then placed the parcel she had been holding on top of the table.

"You're in luck, I've just boiled some water. Did you want some tea?" The old lady asked.

"Sure. I'll have some Green tea if you have it." Anna replied.

"Good choice." The old lady smiled, before she slowly exited the room.
Once she was no longer in sight, Anna turned to Leif, a look of worry on her face.

"Is it just me, or is she acting a bit weird?" Anna whispered to the Sewaddle.

"Waddle...." Leif murmured.

"Or maybe she's just being really nice. Or maybe that's how people do things around here? I don't know." Anna said rather loudly, forgetting she was supposed to be whispering.

With nothing else to do while she waited, Anna decided to glance around the room. The first thing to catch her eye was a rather small painting, hung right next to the door she had only just entered. Unable to make out the details of the painting, Anna got up from her seat and went over to inspect it.
The artwork appeared to be depicting a young woman, about her age, if Anna had to guess. Beside the woman was a Flygon, and the two seemed to be doing some sort of dance.

Now that she thought about, Anna realized that the woman in the painting was the same one as on the statue she saw earlier.

"You've taken in interest in that one I see." The voice of the old woman spoke up, startling Anna.

"Oh! I didn't see you there...sorry." Anna apologized, adjusting her sun hat slightly as she did so.

"It's quite alright dear. Your teas ready whenever." The old lady replied, pointing to the tea cup which had been set down on the table.

Giving her a brief nod, Anna returned to her seat at the table, before taking a sip of her tea.

"So what's up with painting?" Anna questioned. "If you don't mind me asking."

"Of course I don't mind dear." The old lady replied. "That painting is a depiction of the great hero that saved our town, about seventy years ago."

"A hero? That's so cool!" Anna exclaimed.

"Sewaddle." Leif nodded.

"Indeed. It's a shame her work had to go to waste." The old lady murmured, her tone now somber.

"Why? What happened?" Anna questioned.

"It's ok, I don't want you to get roped into things." The old woman replied, shaking her head. "You've delivered my parcel safely, that's more then enough."

"But I want to help!" Anna exclaimed, not even realizing what she was saying until the words left her lips.

What was she thinking? Could she really help what was ailing the old lady?
That's what good adventurers did, right? Anna had heard a tale or two of her friend, Robin's adventures, and she had managed to help quite a few people and Pokemon.

If Robin can do it...I can too. She reassured herself.

"Well ok....if you want to hear it, I'll explain what happened." The old lady relented.

"It started a couple years ago. Our town used to be prosperous, and very inviting of any travelers that passed by. That all changed when mayor....what was it? I forget, but I don't think his name was too important." The old lady explained.

"He was a greedy man, and under him, or town began to wither away. Many grew to dispise him, and any travelers that happened to stop by. Eventually, he was removed from office, and a new mayor took over. My granddaughter, Shelly.
But even though the old mayor was long gone, many residents were still very untrusting, both of Shelly and any outsiders." The old woman continued.

"It came to a head when about a year back, a treasure of the town was stolen. The townsfolk were quick to blame a passing Lickitung, and decided to put it to death. It was barbaric, but it was luckily stopped by two young trainers, and they managed to recover the treasure for us, and drive out the thieves."

"I thought our town would go back to normal after that, but it only changed for the worse. A couple months later Shelly.....she was killed. And not long after that, a Pokemon poacher arrived in Ryuu town, and snatched the Salamence which was supposed to look after our town.
Now the townsfolk won't even talk to any outsiders...and I fear even I've started to grow a bit cold as well. And then there's Roxie..."

"I'm really sorry to hear that..." Anna murmured. "But you mentioned Roxie, who's that?"

"Did I? I'm sorry I didn't mean to." The old woman apologized. "I'm surprised you don't remember her, you two used to play together when you were younger. Roxie is my great-granddaughter. She hasn't been coping all to well since her mother passed away.
Earlier today she....took off, and I haven't seen her since. Some of the townsfolk have been looking....but they haven't found her."

"I'm...sorry to hear that." Anna repeated, before racking her brain for ideas.

"Leif, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Anna finally asked, her attention now turned to the Sewaddle.

"Sewaddle...." Leif murmured. While he wasn't entirely sure what his trainer was thinking, the Sewaddle had a terrible feeling about it.

"Do you happen to know where Roxie went off to?" Anna questioned. "I'm just curious."

"According to one of the townsfolk, they noticed her taking off to the north, but she could be anywhere by now..." The old woman replied.

"Off to the north?" Anna repeated, slowly rising from her seat. "Then it's settled. I'll bring her back for you."

"Sewaddle?!" Leif exclaimed at his trainers words.

"Anna, you don't have to do this. We have no idea where Roxie could be...and I don't want you to get into danger." The old woman said.

"It's fine, I want to help." The young trainer replied. "Besides, I have Leif with me. I'll be ok."

"Alright....but safe."

"I will." Anna nodded. With that, the young woman exited the house, ready to begin her search...
"Still no sign of her anywhere." Anna murmured as her eyes swept across the field ahead. The pair had already been searching for over half an hour, but there hadn't been a single sign of Roxie anywhere. Not that they knew what she looked like, Anna realized.
In her hurry to help the old woman, she hadn't even asked what her great-granddaughter even looked like. That didn't matter too much though, right? She would just have to ask anyone they ran into their name.

"Sewaddle...Sew Sewaddle." Leif murmured, looking rather discouraged.

"You're not thinking of giving up, are you?" Anna questioned. Though she couldn't understand the Sewaddle, his expression and tone was enough to answer her questioned.

"Sew Sew." Leif nodded slowly.

"Well don't worry, we've got this Leif. I'm sure we'll find Roxie...we've just got to keep up our search."

"Sewaddle..." Leif replied, not sounding too confident in his trainers words.

"Oh! What about there?" Anna asked, pointing to a small burrow in a nearby cliffside.

"It looks like a secret base! Maybe Roxie is hiding there?" Anna suggested.

"Sewaddle." Leif nodded, sounding much more confident.

"Right. It's definitely worth checking out." Anna smiled, before making her way to the cliffside. As the pair reached their destination, they both noticed a dim light emitting from inside the cavern. It seemed Anna was right, something was definitely inside.
But just who or what dwelled inside remained a mystery to the young trainer. One thing was for sure though, she was about to find out!

Considering the entrance to the cave was rather small, Anna reluctantly lifted her sunhat off her head, before holding it sideways in front of herself.
Giving Leif a small smile, Anna began to make her way through the small passage, the strange light glowing brighter as she reached her destination. Once inside, Anna was quick to place her sunhat back firmly on her head, before inspecting the room she had entered.

The first thing she noticed was a small lantern, the source of light both Leif and her had seen previously. The next thing the girl laid her eyes on was a Poliwag to her right. The tadpole Pokemon seemed to be practicing it's Water Gun attack, paying no mind to Anna's presence.

"Can I help you?" A voice called from Anna's left, startling the young trainer.

Turning her attention to the owner of the voice, Anna spotted a young girl in the corner of the room. She was hard to see in the dim light of the room, but if Anna had to guess, she couldn't have been older then fifteen.
But with her attention now on the girl, Anna found it quite odd she hadn't noticed her early, considering how much her blue hair stood out.

"I said can I help you." The girl repeated, much more aggressive then before.

"Yes, I'm sorry. My names Anna, and this is Leif." Anna said, pointing to the Sewaddle to her shoulder.

"Sew Sewaddle." Leif said, giving a small wave to the girl.

"I meant if you had any business here. If you're just here for a chat, you best be on your way." The girl snapped.

"I'm sorry, I'm not actually here to talk. I just need to know...are you Roxie by chance?" Anna asked. "Or maybe you know where she went?"

"Why? What's it to you?" The girl asked.

"Well Leif and I are actually looking for her. You see her great grandmother is very worried about her, and so we've decided to help find her." Anna explained.

"Sew Sew." Leif nodded.

Upon Anna's explanation, the girl paused for a moment, taking the time to glance at the Poliwag instead.

"So Flora's roped another fool into her schemes." The girl finally spoke up, returning her gaze to Anna. "I was hoping she would have left everyone else out of it."

"Flora? So you know Roxie's great grandmother's name? Does that mean you know Roxie at least?" Anna questioned.

"Geez..I thought it was already obvious. It's like talking to a pile of rocks." The girl said, letting out a slightly exaggerated sigh.

"Oh...I think I get it." Anna spoke up after a moment. "So're Roxie?"

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured.

"That's right." Roxie nodded. "And before you ask, no I'm not coming back with you. So you can leave now."

"Why not? I'm sure...Flora is worried about you." Anna said.

"Sewaddle Sew." Leif nodded.

"I said I didn't want anyone else involved. I meant it, now leave!" Roxie barked.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." Anna murmured.

I can't just leave now. I need to bring her back safe..for Flora's sake. The young trainer thought, her eyes diverting to the Poliwag, still hard at practice.

"I see your Poliwag's hard at work there. Are you two preparing for a battle or something?" Anna questioned.

"What? No, that isn't my Pokemon." Roxie said. "I just found it earlier. It looked pretty hungry, and so I fed it."

"So it's been following you ever since?" Anna asked, thrilled that the girl was starting to open up, if only slightly.

"For a bit, yeah. I've been thinking about catching it, but I'm not so sure." Roxie explained.

"Not so sure? I'm sure it'd make a great companion." Anna smiled. "Then maybe you can show Flora that you manged to capture your first Pokemon."

"It wouldn't be my first Pokemon, for your information." Roxie snapped. "And even if it was, there's no way in hell I'm going back to Flora."

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to assume-"

"But you did. So how about you drop it!" Roxie barked, cutting Anna off completely.

"As for your question, the reason I'm not so sure, is because I haven't seen it in a battle yet." Roxie said after a few moments. "If I'm going to capture a Pokemon, it better be able to hold it's own. Otherwise it's a complete waste of my time."

"Oh I see..." Anna murmured, clearly caught off guard by Roxie's attitude.

"Sewaddle..." Leif muttered.

"Hey I have an idea!" Anna exclaimed after a few moments.

"You said you wanted to test that Poliwag in a battle, right Roxie? Well then how about you battle Leif and I."

"Hmm...sounds interesting I guess." Roxie said, giving a light shrug.

"But there's a catch. If you lose, then you have to come back with me." Anna added.

"What's in it for me?" Roxie questioned.

"What's in it for you?" Anna repeated. "Well umm...if you win.....then Leif and I will leave you alone."

"And I'm assuming you two aren't going to leave otherwise?"

"That's right." Anna replied.

"Sewaddle Waddle." Leif nodded.

"Guess it's a deal." Roxie said after a moment of hesitation.

With that, the blue haired girl emerged from the corner of the room, slowly making her way towards Poliwag.

"Hey Poliwag." She called to the tadpole Pokemon, causing it to stop it's training.

"Wag?" The Poliwag questioned, it's attention now turned to the girl in front of it.

"You seem pretty focused on your training...but how about you prove yourself in a battle? Me and you against her and Leif." Roxie said, gesturing to the pair behind her.

"Poliwag! Wag Poliwag!" The Poliwag exclaimed, giving the blue haired girl a firm nod.

"That's what I like to hear." Roxie said, giving the tadpole Pokemon a faint smile.
"Alright then. I'm guessing we're going to be battling outside? It'd be really stupid to have one in here." Roxie added, her attention now on Anna.

"That would make sense." Anna nodded, before gesturing to the exit.

Without another word, Roxie and Poliwag made their way out of the cavern, with Anna following a few moments later.
"Alright Leif..this is it. I need you to give it your all, ok?" Anna asked.

"Sewaddle!" Leif exclaimed, before hopping off his trainer's shoulder. In front of him stood his opponent, the tadpole Pokemon looking rather eager to start the match. In contrast, Roxie looked rather bored, like she didn't want to be there at all.

Though she had been the one to suggest it in the first place, as the time drew near for the battle to begin, Anna couldn't help but worry. She'd never been in a battle before...and Leif only knew two different moves. If that wasn't enough, Anna knew almost nothing about the opponent Leif was to be facing!
Racking her brain for ideas, a sudden thought popped into Anna's head. Though her and Leif's lack of experience couldn't be solved, there was a way to get to know Leif's opponent better. Reaching into her backpack, Anna manged to pull out her Pokedex, before scanning the Pokemon in front of her.

"Poliwag, the tadpole Pokemon. A Water type." The Pokedex droned.
"Poliwag has a very thin skin. It is possible to see the Pokémon's spiral innards right through the skin. Despite its thinness, however, the skin is also very flexible. Even sharp fangs bounce right off it."

"A Water type...that means we have the advantage then." Anna said as she tucked the Pokedex back in her bag.

"Ok then...Leif use String Shot! After, use Tackle!" Anna ordered.

Following his trainer's orders, Leif spat out a string of sticky silk, which quickly flew towards Poliwag! But Poliwag was much too fast for Leif, and leaped out of harms way, allowing the string of silk to fall uselessly on the ground.

With it's opponent left wide open, Poliwag took the opportunity to attack! Gathering water energy in it's mouth, the tadpole Pokemon unleashed a beam of Scalding water, prompting a sharp cry from Leif as the hot water washed over him.

Ready to perform his second attack, Leif flung himself towards Poliwag, his full weight behind him. Unlike last time, Poliwag wasn't able to evade it's opponent's attack, and was sent flying back upon making contact with the sewing Pokemon.

After landing on it's feet, Poliwag began to gather Ice energy in front of itself, forming a Ball with it. After letting out a loud cry, the tadpole Pokemon fired the ball of icy energy out at it's opponent!

Unable to react in time, Leif let out a pained cry as the super effective attack sent him tumbling backwards! The battle had only just begun, but Leif was already looking more then a little tired. The gap in power between the Sewaddle and Poliwag was clear to see.

With the action of the first round coming to a close, Anna took the time to turn her attention to Roxie, a look of confusion on her face.

"Aren't you going to give Poliwag some orders?" She asked.

"What's the point?" Roxie responded with a shrug. "It's not like I know it's moves anyway. Besides, it seems to be conducting itself fairly well."

Roxie was right, Poliwag was good at conducting itself, Anna had to admit. Almost too good. Was this really a wild Pokemon? Or had it had prior training?
That wasn't important, not now anyway, Anna realized. If she was going to beat the Poliwag, she had to have her full attention on the battle ahead.

"Let's hang in there Leif! Let's begin with Tackle. Then String Shot!" Anna exclaimed.

Leif was once again the first to act! Locking eyes with Poliwag, the sewing Pokemon threw himself at the tadpole Pokemon, dealing a small amount of damage to the Poliwag and sending it stumbling backwards.

To retaliate, Poliwag began to collect more water energy in it's mouth, before spraying another beam of Scalding hot water Leif's way! Despite his best efforts to avoid the attack, Leif proved to be too slow, and let out a sharp cry as the hot water washed over his body!

But Leif wasn't done yet! The Sewaddle was just about to fire another string of silk, but stopped at the sound of....stomping?

"Snover! Snover! Snover!" A loud cry could be heard, turning everyone's attention away from the battle at hand. Right on top of the cliffside was a strange Pokemon that almost looked like a snow covered tree. Whatever it was, it seemed to be thrashing about violently, no care for anyone or anything around it!

"We have to do something...that Pokemon is going to get itself hurt!" Anna exclaimed.

No sooner had the words left her mouth, did the frost tree Pokemon lose it's footing, and was sent tumbling downwards with a sharp cry!
Without even thinking, Anna and Leif rushed towards the strange Pokemon as it hit the ground with a large thud.

"Hey...are you ok?" Anna asked, but received no response.

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured, giving the Pokemon a light poke.

"Lovely....just what I needed." Roxie scoffed, rolling her eyes at the fallen Pokemon.

Ignoring Roxie's comment, Anna turned to Leif, a look of worry on her face.
"What do you suppose we do? We can't just leave it here."

"Sew Sewaddle...." Leif murmured, quite unsure himself.

Fortunately for the pair, their decision was made for them, for the frost tree Pokemon began to rise from the ground with a loud cry.

"Sewaddle!" Leif exclaimed, glad that the strange Pokemon was ok. In return, the Sewaddle received a Razor Leaf to the face, sending him tumbling backwards. The strange Pokemon then began to thrash about, looking as angry as ever.

"I...guess the fall didn't calm it down..." Anna murmured.

"Well don't just stand there!" Roxie exclaimed. "If it's not going to calm down on it's own, the best way to stop is to beat it in a battle."

"Poliwag!" Poliwag exclaimed, looking rather eager to take down it's new opponent.

"See? Poliwag is up for it, so how about you help." Roxie added.

"Right. Let me just do this first." Anna said, before retrieving her Pokedex from her bag.

"Snover, the frost tree Pokemon. A Grass and Ice Type." The Pokedex droned.
"During cold seasons, it migrates to the mountain's lower reaches. It returns to the snow-covered summit in the spring. "

A Grass and Ice Type, that meant Snover was really weak to fire attacks.
If only Cayenne was with me. Anna thought to herself. Though she didn't regret giving the Torchic to her friend. At times like these, she really wished she had that kind of power on her side. But now wasn't the time to think about that, she had to make do with what she had!

"Alright Leif..let's give it our all here...ok?"

"Sewaddle!" Leif exclaimed. Though the sewing Pokemon was rather tired after his brief battle with Poliwag, he was still determined to win. He wouldn't let his trainer down.

"Ok then. Leif, start with Tackle. Then use Tackle again!" Anna ordered.

Now on the offensive, it was Poliwag who started the round off! After gathering Psychic energy in it's body, the tadpole Pokemon released a wave of it out at it's opponent!

Following shortly behind, Leif dove towards Snover, sending the frost tree Pokemon stumbling back upon making impact with it.

Letting out a loud cry, Snover summoned several sharp leaves, before firing them at the Pokemon in front of it. Though Leif was able to evade each and every Razor sharp Leaf that flew his way, Poliwag wasn't so lucky. Letting out a sharp cry, the tadpole Pokemon stumbled backwards as each leaf cut at his flesh.

Eager to retaliate, Poliwag started to collect water energy in it's mouth, before spewing a wave of Scalding hot water at Snover. The frost tree Pokemon let out a yelp as the boiling water crashed over it. Once the attack had subsided, Snover was still hurting, thanks to it's new burn!

For his second attack, Leif once again threw himself at his opponent, in hopes of delivering a powerful tackle. But this time, Snover was prepared for the advancing Sewaddle.
Taking a deep breath, the frost tree Pokemon exhaled a wind, laced with Powdered Snow! Unable to stop himself in time, Leif flew right into the icy wind, before flying backwards onto the hard ground!

"Hang in there Leif. Go with Tackle. After, use Tackle again!" Anna exclaimed.

Poliwag was once again the first to act! Collecting more Psychic energy into it's body, the tadpole Pokemon then sent a wave of the energy flying towards Snover, causing the frost tree Pokemon to let out a sharp cry.

The next to act was Leif. Once again the Sewaddle flung himself at Snover, delivering a powerful tackle to his opponent and sending the frost tree Pokemon stumbling backwards.

In a fit of rage, Snover began to thrash around even more, before summoning several sharp leaves in front of itself.
Unlike last time, not even Leif could evade every Razor sharp Leaf that flew his way. With pained cries, both Poliwag and the Sewaddle fell back, though quickly regained their footing.

Unwilling to give up quite yet, Poliwag began to prepare it's next attack! Gathering Ice energy in front of itself, the tadpole Pokemon managed to form a Ball with the cool energy.
Poliwag then fired the icy ball at Snover, dealing a small amount of damage to the frost tree Pokemon.

For his second attack, Leif once again threw himself at Snover with all his might in an attempt to deliver a strong tackle. But Snover was once again prepared for the sewing Pokemon, and exhaled a frezzing wind packed with Powdered Snow.
With a sharp cry, Leif was sent flying backwards, before crashing into Poliwag! The two Pokemon were then sent tumbling backwards, before collapsing on the ground.

After a moment, Poliwag managed to rise from the ground, though the same couldn't be said for Leif.

"Leif!" Anna called as she rushed over to the Sewaddle, before scooping him up into her arms.

"You did great out there....amazing even." She reassured the sewing Pokemon.

"Sew...." Leif murmured weakly.

"We've just got to leave it to Roxie and Poliwag now. I'm sure they'll be able to handle this from her." Anna added.

But despite her words, Anna wasn't at all confident in either of them. Poliwag seemed more then a little tired, even a few well timed attacks would surely cause the tadpole Pokemon to fall over. Unless....Snover seemed quite tired as well, now that the young trainer had a good look at it.
She had to remain positive! Poliwag and Roxie were going to win this and stop the raging Snover! They had to!

This time it was Snover who started the round off! With a loud cry, the frost tree Pokemon summoned several sharp leaves in front of itself, before firing them towards Poliwag! But this, Poliwag had a plan!
Using it's tail, the tadpole Pokemon began to Dig into the earth, narrowly avoiding a Razor sharp Leaf!

With it's opponent now out of sight, Snover began to thrash around in a fit of anger!
But Poliwag didn't remain hidden for long. With a cry the tadpole Pokemon re-emerged from under it's opponent, sending the Snover tumbling backwards!

With the frost tree Pokemon now left wide open, Poliwag took the opportunity to gather up water energy in it's mouth. The tadpole Pokemon then spewed a beam of Scalding hot water at Snover.
Having managed to score a direct hit on the frost tree Pokemon, Snover let out one last cry, before falling to the ground in defeat.

"We did it.....we actually did it." Anna smiled, turning to Roxie in order to see her reaction.

"It's just a wild Pokemon, nothing to be too proud of, considering your embarrassing defeat." Roxie said as she shook her head.

Before anything more could be said, the fallen frost tree Pokemon began to stir once more, putting everyone on high alert.

"It really wants to fight again? We've already beaten you once!" Roxie exclaimed, letting out a small groan.

"Poli Poliwag!" Poliwag exclaimed, looking rather eager to battle once again.

"Stop. I have no intentions to fight." The Snover said, catching everyone off guard.

"A talking Pokemon?" Anna questioned. "Did I hear that right?"

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured.

"You did." Snover replied. "I....apologize for earlier. I...don't know what got into me."

"It's ok. I'm just glad you're alright." Anna smiled. "But a talking Pokemon...I haven't heard of that before. Isn't it amazing Roxie?"

"It's a wasted talent on such a weak Pokemon." Roxie scoffed. Not willing to pay the frost tree Pokemon another moment of her time, the blue haired girl instead turned to the Poliwag beside her.

"On the other hand...I think you did pretty good Poliwag." Roxie said, flashing the tadpole Pokemon the smallest of smiles.

"Poli! Poliwag Wag!" Poliwag exclaimed, clearly happy at the praise it had received.

"You're not the strongest around...but I think you have a lot of potential. How about coming with me?" Roxie suggested.

"Poliwag....Poli Poliwag...." Poliwag murmured, it's expression suddenly quite sad looking.

"You..don't want to?" Roxie asked, somewhat confused.

"Poliwag says that he already has a trainer." Snover translated.

"Is that why you were carrying that silly Pokeball around?" Roxie questioned.

"Poliwag." The tadpole Pokemon nodded slowly.

"Tell you what, how about you bring that thing to me, and maybe we can arrange something."

"Poliwag Poli." Poliwag nodded, before rushing off towards the cavern.

"Pokeball? What's that about?" Anna questioned.

"You really are nosy." Roxie said, letting out a small sigh.
"That Poliwag was carrying a Pokeball on it's tail when I found it. I didn't knwo what it was originally for, till now. Happy?"

"I get it." Anna nodded. "But just what are you planning to do?"

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured in confusion.

Receiving no answer, Anna and Leif simply waited until the Poliwag returned, carrying a regular Pokeball on it's tail.

"Hmm...well before I discuss my plan with you...I need a name." Roxie said. "Just calling you Poliwag every time is getting kind of annoying."

"Poliwag! Wag!" The tadpole Pokemon exclaimed.

"He says his name is Blues." Snover translated.

"Blues huh? Not a bad name. It'll do." Roxie said, before snatching the Poliwag's Pokeball from it's tail.

"Alrigh then, just give me a moment." The blue haired girl said as she opened up the ball and began to fiddle with it. Finally, a loud snap could be heard and Blues Pokeball had been destroyed.

"Roxie, that's someone's Pokeball! You can't just break it!" Anna exclaimed.

"Sewaddle!" Leif added.

Ignoring the pair, Roxie tossed the broken Pokeball over her shoulder, before grabbing a Dive Ball from her belt.

"Alright Blues. Your old trainer may not have wanted you, but I can promise you'll be a big help with me." Roxie said, flashing the Ploiwag another small smile.

"Poliwag!" Blues exclaimed, before slapping the ball with his tail. In a flash of light, Blues was sucked into the ball, which barely shook at all, before making a small ping sound. The Poliwag had been caught!

"Alright, now that's more like it." Roxie said, pumping her fist into the air.

"Roxie...." Anna murmured. No matter what she said, she knew the blue haired girl wasn't going to listen. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to suggest Blues capture in the first place...

"Well that was certainly an experience, but I'm afraid I've gotta go now." Roxie said, giving a light wave to Anna and Leif.

"Wait Roxie! You can't just leave! You said you'd come back with me to Flora!" Anna exclaimed.

"No. The deal was if you won, that I'd go back." Roxie replied. "Considering that bug of yours is in no condition to fight, I'd say you lost."

"But....but..." Anna stammered. Roxie was right, she had lost, one way or another. And there was no way she could stop the blue haired girl...had her mission truly ended in failure?

Before Leif or her could say anything more, Roxie took off, leaving them to wonder just what they could have done.

"Come on Leif....we should report to Flora..." Anna murmured, not nearly as cheerful as she usually was.

"Sew..." The sewing Pokemon added, looking equally as sad as his trainer.

With her back to her old home, Roxie continued to march onwards, not a single glance behind her. Instead, the blue haired girl seemed to be fixated on a strange badge in her hand. The one her mother had given her on that horrible day.

"Poliwag?" Blues questioned, noticing that Roxie's pace had slowed to a crawl.

"Oh..I'm sorry Blues...I was just thinking." Roxie murmured.

"Wag." Blues nodded, seemingly satisfied with that answer.

With her new Poliwag a decent pace ahead, Roxie took the time to admire the badge a moment longer, before looking at the scenery ahead.

Mother....I will avenge you. I promise.

Taking one last look at the town of Ryuu, Anna and Leif took off down the dirt path...the one leading towards home. Much to their relief, Flora hadn't taken the news of Roxie's disappearance nearly as bad as they had thought.
The old woman did make a good point. All they had come to do was deliver a package...anything else was going above and beyond. So even though she hadn't managed to bring Roxie back...Anna was feeling better, if only slightly.

"Please...wait!" A voice called out to the young trainer, causing her to stop and turn around.

Running down the dirt road was a Snover...the same one as before!

"Snover....what are you doing here? Don't you have a home to return to?" Anna asked, genuinely confused.

"I'm afraid not." Snover replied, shaking his head.
"You see...I got separated from my tribe awhile back....and I haven't been able to find them since."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Anna replied.

"Sewaddle..." Leif murmured.

"It's ok. The reason I approached I would to request to join you." The frost tree Pokemon explained.

"Join us? Really?" Anna questioned.

"Indeed. You're a I can learn even more together then I did up on the mountains. And maybe during our travels...I'll find my old friends." Snover explained.

"Well if you want to....we'll be happy to have you." Anna smiled, before searching her bag for a Pokeball.

"Now you need a does Benny sound? The young trainer suggested.

"Benny....a fitting name." The Snover nodded.

"I'm glad you like it." Anna smiled, before tapping the Snover with the retrieved Pokeball. In a flash of light, the frost tree Pokemon was sucked inside the ball. After a small shake, the ball made a small piing, confirming the capture.

"Yes....I caught a Snover!" Anna exclaimed, holding Benny's Pokeball high in the air.

"Sewaddle Waddle!" Leif exclaimed.

"Alright Benny, come on out." Anna said as she tossed the Pokeball lightly into the air. In a flash, the Snover emerged from the Pokeball, before giving his new trainer a wave.

"Thank you miss." Benny said, bowing slightly.

"You can just call me Anna." The young trainer chuckled.

"Anna it is." Benny nodded.

"Alright then...Benny, Leif...let's go home." Anna smiled, before continuing down the dirt path, her new Snover right behind.

Though the day hadn't gone exactly as planned, Anna had to admit, it had been pretty exciting. And there was so much more exciting things to come, the young trainer realized.
After all, her journey had only just begun....

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