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I meant that as a joke but I really do think referring to the franchise as "Yahari" is dumb as heck. Even if Haganai has a bizarre literal meaning it's unique enough to at least recognize as a title. "Yahari" is a common word that means "As expected". It would be like referring to a title as Oh yeah.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Wait. Confused. I thought you watched S2. If not ... what volume does S1 end with? What volume does S2 end with? Is there more anime past S2? (OAVs? S3?)
I've kept tabs on plot events from the novel, I did not watch the second season anime. Season 1 is a heavily butchered and restitched condensation of Volumes 1-6. Season 2 is a less butchered condensation of Volumes 7-11. It is worth watching if you can get over the art style shift. I couldn't.

At this point I'm going to consider the visual novel the true end. It's one of those novels where the route girl gets a pregnancy CG at the end. It also has Yukino in a wedding gown. That is an ending worth fighting for.
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