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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
Acquisition System. I like this more than point buy. I especially love that C2 trainers can have whatever they want.

A really good thing about this system is that you can restrict the overall power level of a squad without actually restricting the power of any individual member. I am slightly concerned about Dnite/caterpie/weedle/magikarp/feebas/beldum lineups, though. I also share Snorby's concern of the free editing of a squad - I feel like at that point, you're basically choosing a squad of whatever you want from every pokemon anyway. Why have the allocation system at all?

Signature Moves. 100% agree. I have 0 complaints with how sigs are handled right now. It really shouldn't be discussed here, because there's no systemic changes to make - nobody's complaining about the review system, or the nature of sigs, or any of those deep issues that would be fixed by an ASB revamp.

Reffing. I like the Per Round bonus, since I'm one of those people who is super guilty of losing the bonus and then immediately giving up on the match completely. Even if you still only get the SP at the end, it still encourages people to ref quickly since you just lose the bonus for that round, not in general.

However, it's not actually going to solve the problem of "Oh shit I missed the bonus; oh well, now I guess there's just an indefinite time period where I ref when I feel like it."

DQ. I like that DQ'd gym leaders get fired. Keeps em on their toes. However, casual DQs shouldn't be that big a deal. I feel like the "glacial ASB pace" is a non-issue for casual matches, but it's irritating as all hell when Handy goes afk for 6 months because he discovered pot, only to come back and order Psychic x2. If it was a casual match, I wouldn't care, but that really adds a lot of time not just to my badge challenge but also to all the people's queue times behind me!

Casual matches don't have to be fast, but serious matches like gym matches and legend challenges ABSOLUTELY do. If someone is waiting in line to do it, it needs to happen at the correct pace.

SE system. I agree, but let's move back to 4/6 if we do this, since I don't think I could handle a 6/9 slog without the 2/3 SE chart.

Honestly, I'm not very good at battling, but it seems to me that the problem is, "I want to use a super effective move because it is the move that deals the most damage to you." Perhaps a system where repeatedly using moves of the same unfamiliar type weakens them considerably? Idk I didn't suggest anything battle related for a very good reason.

Species Characteristics. YASS. GIRL PREACH. Gimme interesting niche SCs. Reward people handsomely for playing in weird ways with weird 'mon.

Events. I love tournaments and GMs! Anything that increases the number of people involved in a given thing will always be exciting.

Rankings. I don't really like this idea. I feel like doing things in a more anime way would be better, ya know? Trainer rankings would just be whoever is a strong position at the time, and beating them would only really count in an official setting, which would already give rewards anyway. Casual trainer rankings are kinda a crapshoot anyway, since people can "fluctuate in skill" based on what they're trying to bring or do; if Kush is testing his bid for Psychic gym, he's obviously not going to win as often against Dave or whatever. That shouldn't affect his rankings, right?

If we really want to rate people for casual matches, I guess that's fine, but don't involve me :p
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