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Not gonna quote because this post will suddenly become ridiculously large, but..

TLs and Acquisitions:

Yeah honestly I really like Concept's Acquisition system better than the one I started with. I will say that, if mine makes it sound like you buy both slots and mon, that's not supposed to be the case lol. I think I mentioned in another post that it's definitely a one or the other thing in my book.

Reffing and SP

You're right that we have the ref test but honestly... I don't like the ref test system we have right now. There's nowhere to really learn reffing, so you end up just looking through a couple pages on the site and reading the reffings from your past battles and hoping for the best. The tutorial would be much like the Getting Started thread, but exclusively for reffing. It makes the ref test something that nobody should be failing (since it's basically just a "can you read? ok you passed" type thing) but it still matters insofar as if you have a real handle on nuances of the game that the tutorial doesn't outright spell out, or you're a natural at systems that are typically reserved for higher quality battlers, you'll get a grade to reflect it.

Gyms and GTs

It's sort of a mentorship role I suppose insofar as "here's some helpful tricks I've learned in running this gym/about this type", I suppose. The point I was making is that the GL isn't teaching the GT how to battle well because the GT should be someone who can reasonably take over for the GL as needed, so they'd already have to be at least passable GL quality.

Trainer Rankings
Yeah definitely some kinks to work out there.

It's important to note that power and creativity are two very different things when it comes to sigs. You can have a godawful sig that's cool as fuck and really creative, and you can have a ridiculously boring sig that breaks the game. That in mind, I don't think skewing the better sigs toward crappier mon stifles creativity on the better mon- if you want to give your Snorlax some sort of crazy sig, be my guest, so long as it's not breaking the mon.

Also just in general- things like the lucky egg and whatever minor contradictions there might be in there is because I don't expect any one proposal to be picked up in full. The ideal here is to take the best things we come up with as a community and mold them into a cohesive proposal. With that in mind, I included the lucky egg as sort of a "hey my proposal doesn't have levels but if we end up using a proposal that does then this is something we could do" type thing. There's probably more stuff like that scattered throughout I'm just not recalling offhand.

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