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In the interests of promoting discourse, I'm gonna toss out some words and you can read them and see if you agree.

Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
Proposal #1- Snorby
Spoiler: show
>Linked Here<

-Loosen restrictions on Type Changes
-Separate Level Purchases and 'Mon Purchases
-Use a points allocation system rather than a proper spending system for Pokemon
-Don't add incentive for longer Reffings
-Strictly enforce ref DQ system
-Slots being harder to purchase (supposed to be in there I just forgot it but yeah)
Trainer Levels and Acquisitions. Imagine you had to buy access to creatures in Pokemon Showdown, and could only use Scizor if you had won at least 500 battles. That's my issue with buying stuff using TP.

I do love that you want newbies to be able to get their favorites. However, I'm actually thinking that this might make it slightly more difficult for newbies to get their favorites, especially if they're TL5 or TL6 kind of favorites (Kingdra, Gengar, Gardevoir, etc.). Also, it would lead to people being picky with their pokemon. One of the things I love about level acquisitions is that they let you experiment with pokemon that you wouldn't ordinarily be interested in. Can't get Alakazam yet? Try Grumpig or Elgyem! Hardcore Banette fan? Ever used Cofagrigus? Under a point buy system, that spirit of exploration could disappear as people go for the viable stuff + their favorites. I think it could really centralize usage around a few good pokemon, which is something I would want to avoid.

ALSO, on reread, you still have to buy slots on top of buying your pokemon. I'm sorry, but that's a straight-up grind. Grinding TP for slots, pokemon to fill the slots, and level ups may provide a big TP sink, but that's not exactly a good thing.

Reffing and SP. Love the idea of consistent reffing assistance, but we already have the ref test. I think the only issue with reffing is that the battle system is chock-full of weird errata that refs have to know.

I also love the idea of the per-reffing SP reward. I've said in my own proposal that you don't see reffing rewards until after like 10 matches; this is a good way to implement rolling rewards that keep refs posting. If my proposal still had SP in it, I might add this to it.

One really nice thing that I like about this is that it promotes longer matches. Reffing anything longer than a 3v3 can be a slog for refs, who are committed to a month-long creative endeavor. If you're getting an SP for every post, though, you don't mind as much if something takes a long time, since you won't have to wait until the match is over to get your SP.

Gyms, E4, etc. I like the idea that GTs step in for the GL while they're away, but honestly GTs are a weird system as implemented anyway. I never saw the point to forcing newbies to win 2 matches for a badge while more powerful trainers got to just fight the gym leader and be done with it.

Wait, so the gym leader has 1 GT, but it's not a mentorship role, but it prepares people for GL-dom? That seems backwards to me. It seems like the GL should be MORE of a mentor to their GT, not less!

Trainer Rankings and the E4. I like that this is about prestige, but I feel like it's a clunky system.

Sigs. I love really weird sigs, as you know, so seeing a limit on weird sigs will always make me sad. But it doesn't matter that much to the health of the League.

The remainder. I feel like, since you're an LO, you understand what needs to be done here better than me. A lot of this stuff is just detail work and can be changed basically on a whim. I think your new items are cool but they could happen under any kind of system so it's not really the right place to discuss them.

Also, how is Lucky Egg supposed to work if you don't ever need to level up your pokemon? You can't evolve them through leveling up, so there's literally no point in leveling them at all. Unless Equinone has taken the PASBL by storm since I last got here...
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