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"Yussss", cheered Jayson as he made his way over to the hyper active Charmander. Dropping down to the toddler's eye level, Jayson gave the Fire type a pat on the head."You ready to come with me little guy? I think I'll call you Balerion, yeah that should suit you nicely." Balerion looked at Jayson with gleaming eyes, soon turning his attention to the Luxury Ball in the trainer's hand. The Charmander lunged head first at the ball, headbutting the button. The ball popped open and Balerion was drawn inside, the ball shook a few times before settling in Jayson's hand. Placing the ball on his belt, Jayson thanked Gary before making his way outside,"cheers mate, I will be sure to pop in and pay you and Mordred a visit some time. Best of luck with raising her."

Jayson tossed a Pokeball out in front of himself, releasing Boudicca the Mudsdale who let her presence known by slamming her mud clad hooves into the ground. Jayson mounted the Mudsdale and rode off, the morning sun kissing the back of his neck. He now had a Charmander all of his own, now it was time to explore more of the Cloud Garden.

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