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Shuckle Shuckle sez: I used to want to be an LO so that I could push some of this through

Papa bless. I've been thinking about this for YEARS.

I'm not super great at details so please try to direct most of your attention to the general structural changes, namely the trainer level changes and the gym battle changes.

THE THRUST OF SHUCKLE'S ARGUMENT: Rewards are essential. ASB's current rewards system is only good for people who put out quality, fast work over a long period of time. We definitely want to move away from that system towards one that rewards people for picking up 1 or 2 reffing matches alongside their battles.

Progression should be FAST, and even faster for those who put that little extra time and effort into reffing or winning. Rocketing through the ranks shouldn't just be for Dave, Connor, and TKF; it should be for anyone who is active in battling and reffing.

Competitiveness is important for the activity of the league, but casual play is also important. The competitive structure as described might be a little bit too much for such a small and casual forum, but in general, it rewards ambition and provides clear benchmarks for when you can start challenging gym leaders and E4 members. That's probably the most underestimated issue with gym battles at current - nobody is quite sure when it's okay to start taking on gyms or becoming a gym leader. Gating it behind a quick progression directs new players to start being more active in the gym and tournament side of things, which leads to a healthier scene there as well as in casual play.

Hopefully this is enough to articulate the ideas I had in mind for the league.
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