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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
With a stinky new foe presented before them, Isaac and Vinny had all of the requirements they needed to achieve the Eevee’s evolution into her future leafy form. All that was left was to battle and let the Mossy Rock influence its powers on Vinny. Eager to get this over with, Vinny didn’t even wait to listen to her trainer’s strategy before leaping into action to face off against the Stunky. The skunk’s tail remained high on alert as it let out a growl in warning.

Ready to get herself away from the foul smell, Vinny started things off by pawing at the ground and rapidly began Digging a hole in the soft earth. Soon enough, Vinny was completely submerged underground, where it was anyone’s guess that she had gone off to. Stunky looked around, partly perplexed and partly annoyed that its opponent would suddenly hide like that, and so as it waited for Vinny to return, it began to Focus its Energy and prepare itself for battle. When it was done, Stunky began releasing a foul purple mist from its stink sacs on its rear end. The Poison Gas was quite dense and coated the floor of the clearing. Luckily it didn’t rise up to Isaac’s height, but the smell alone wasn’t pleasant for the trainer to breathe in.

The ground below Stunky suddenly began to rumble, as Vinny burst through it, hitting the poison type for good damage with a Dig attack. Stunky winced, but was still ready to go. Meanwhile, the Vinny who had launched a successful sneak attack suddenly started feeling woozy as she breathed in the toxic air unexpectedly, the poison filling her lungs. It would seem that her strategy for guerilla warfare might not go as planned going forward. What will she do?
Isaac sighed, Vinny had always been a little too headstrong for his taste. He had had a plan to handle that Skunky, but of course she had to jump ahead and immediately go in for the kill. Although now it seemed to be biting her in the ass, as she was hacking her lungs out after inhaling the noxious gas. Isaac glanced at his Pokemon, she had probably inhaled enough to poison her --- as she seemed a little dizzy on her paws. Isaac tried to think of some sort of strategy in order to counteract the small skunk, sure, Vinny had done some pretty decent damage to it... but that poison would absolutely catch up to her.

Vinny's movepool wasn't exactly the best, being of a relatively low level it was somewhat difficult for Isaac to know what the normal type could do to land a solid hit upon the creature. He wanted Vinny to evolve, she would be happy, and if she was happy that was good enough for him. Although he had to admit, the thought of getting her to level up... as well as catching this little skunk was somewhat tempting. He pondered if he would have to knock it out first, or if he could catch it and still allow Vinny to gain experience. He assumed it was the former, so Vinny's tactics might have not been the worst thing. Isaac of course, knew she was just excited --- which is why she jumped in so quickly.

"Vin! Go for a Covet, and then follow it up with another Dig!" Vinny gave a small nod, putting on her best cutie face and hopping towards the Skunky.

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