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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

Kiku was never one for thinking, usually just one for action --- and today was certainly no different. Kiku had rushed into that foreboding darkness in that mystery doorway ahead of you, caution to the wind as he sprinted into the dark. You knew there was no possible way he could see in there, but you also had to wonder how he was able to simply wander in so blissfully with that disgusting smell hanging in the air above all of you. You glanced at Mio, the Pikachu was staring up the ladder that they had used to get into the depths. It was fairly obvious that her intention was to get back up to where they had come from, and maybe you should've listened to her... but it was too late now. Mio lets out a sigh at Kiku's adventurous nature, running towards her trainer and using a blinding flash to illuminate the cave ahead of them. The two then wandered into the cave, the light from Mio's cheeks their only way of seeing.

The caves seemed oddly expansive for just being a mere hallway, it actually seemed like it could continue forever. The walls were drab and made of dirt and mud that had long since solidified into a solid wall, so that these tunnels would not collapse on anyone that decided to venture within. As you rounded a corner, you were greeted by something that you didn't exactly expect to see --- a human skeleton pinned to one of the walls. Almost as though it had been purposely placed there for someone to find. Mio gave a loud cry, running back the direction you came. Without your light, you realised it was probably best to follow. As you ran after her quickly, you noticed she came to a halt at a wall. She faced you, her eyes swelling up in a mix of panic and fear. It seems the door you came through has been sealed back up, leaving you in this messy maze of bones. You glanced around, although it was a little scary being trapped in here, it was fascinating. A brand new area to explore, filled to the brim with all sorts of bones. Maybe you could find some other interesting souvenirs down here too! The thought filled you with hope... however, your first priority should really be finding Kiku.

You and Mio slowly backtrack towards the skeleton you had found, noticing that from the skeleton there seemed to be two distinct paths. One to it's right, and the other to it's left. You had to wonder which way your precious Eevee had gone, and you decided that it might be best to think a bit before deciding where to go. You glanced towards the floor, hoping to see pawprints in the dirt. Unfortunately, you see nothing that would give you the slightest inkling as to where Kiku was. You sigh, listening intently for some sort of sound. From the right, you hear what sounds like chains rattling... and from the left you hear what sounds like drab moans and crying.

Kiku has to be down one of these paths... the question is which. What do you do?

[Upon your request, your adventure has shifted into the catacombs. From this point forward, please reply in darkmagenta.]
“Mio! Wait!” Patches was chasing after the little Pikachu in order to not get left behind in the dark. “Chuuu…” They reached the entrance from which they came only to discover that the opening that was once there, was no more. “Mio, we can’t just leave without Kiku, even the wall agrees with us. That’s why it's keeping us in here. Besides, I’m sure that none of these are real bones. I mean, there was a festival down here at one point and isn’t Halloween next month? Maybe that was the theme! Now the pumpkin makes sense.” She pats the bag containing the pumpkin that she currently has draped over her shoulder. “Well, maybe we can take some of these bones with us too.” She reaches down to pick one up but Mio gently zaps her hand away with some weak electricity. “Hey, Mio! That wasn’t very nice!” Patches is now rubbing her hand where it had been shocked. “Fine, I get it. There are probably better bones elsewhere so we should keep looking, but first, we need to find Kiku!”

The two of them begin to make their way back toward the skeleton that had startled Mio earlier. Mio was not happy with this situation and was even more annoyed that this was all Kiku’s fault and who knows if they will manage to find him again at this rate. Once they finally reach the skeleton they both notice something that they hadn’t noticed before, there were two paths that split to the left and right. “Oh, this isn’t good… Which way do we go? Hmm…” They listened to the sounds coming from each direction and Mio was becoming tense since both ways didn’t sound very appealing. In fact, it was more like the opposite. “Well that way sounds like someone is probably cleaning up.” She points to the right where Mio could clearly tell that it was the sound of creepy chains but not Patches. “So, I think we should go to the left because it sounds like someone is upset and crying. Normally, I would offer to help with the clean-up but our first priority is to find Kiku and for some reason, whenever there is someone crying, there is a good chance he’s around…” That was one moment of logic out of Patches that Mio could agree with. Except, Mio knew the reason that was true quite well, Kiku was usually around when someone is crying because he’s usually the one who caused them to cry in the first place. However, she didn’t feel that was the case this time, she felt uneasy about both directions and wasn’t sure that Kiku would be around either way, but they had no choice. She reluctantly began to guide Patches down the path to the left with the light she was providing.

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