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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Patches was outraged by the dirty trick played by the Makuhita, but was quickly reassured by Mio and Ciri. With his vision now obscured, Kei was in a bit of a bind as the Makuhita prepared to take advantage of the situation. He had become desperate, but on the other hand, he didn’t lose focus. If he was going to win for Stufful, he couldn’t afford to lose his composure. Since the tables had been turned against him, it was up to him to turn them right back. He quickly thought of a strategy to use against the Makuhita, as he saw the big yellow figure approach him through squinted eyes.

As the Makuhita reared up and prepared to attack, Kei blew forth another thick Smokescreen cloud that covered the ring. Makuhita thrust a Force Palm in Kei’s direction, but came up with air as the scrappy Charmander luckily rolled out of the way. With no options left but to release his inhibitions, Kei focused on the thought of these fighting-typed bullies who picked on Stufful day in and day out. A deep anger built up inside of him, the Charmander beginning to glow in a red aura as his eyes glowed red as well. Kei roared out in anger, unleashing his Outrage on the Makuhita, who stumbled back and hit the ropes. Makuhita grunted in pain before clapping his hands together to blow forth a Whirlwind that quickly blew away the smoke. As he did so, Kei burst forward once again and slammed into it with another burst of Outrage.

Makuhita was really on the ropes now, both figuratively and literally. As Kei’s anger subsided, he was suddenly left with a massive headache that left him wobbling in place. His vision had returned slightly, but was still seeing double through his confusion. Would he be able to finish off Makuhita before it could unleash one more attack in desperation?
Both Patches and Mio were practically on the edge of their seats at this point, neither of them said a word as they watched everything unfold. Patches was beginning to feel nervous now, she knows that when Kei begins to Outrage it leaves him a bit disoriented, however, she also knew that if she let her nervousness show that it had the potential to stress out Kei even more. “You’ve got this Kei… I know you can do this…” She says under her breath so low that even Mio could barely hear it.

Kei was confused now. He knew that this would happen, he had just hoped that the attack would put an end to things so that it wouldn’t matter. He took a risk and that risk may or may not have been a good idea, only time will tell at this point. He was still angry. His vision was a bit blurred and he was occasionally seeing double from the confusion taking over but he needed to try his best to continue this fight regardless. Kei gives the Makuhita the most Scariest Face he can manage, in hopes that the fear will keep his opponent put or at least slow him down a bit, he can use any help he can get making things simpler for him right now. He’s still not done releasing his anger at this situation so he is going to show that Makuhita just how mad he is with his Dragon Rage and he will even use it a second time if he has to.

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