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Luna tilted her head as she regarded Robin. Among the grief the Electric-type specialist felt, there was also a burning rage, most likely directed towards Telpo's murderer, a rage the Swoobat understood. Everyone has their own way to respond in times like these, Luna telepathically said to Robin, in response to the question she had asked in her mind. Everyone handles grief differently. And if anyone would dare question you about it, I would gladly vouch for the fact that you care. Though I doubt such vouching would be necessary- I don't think anyone present would dare doubt that you care.

Keith, still hugging Millicent, sat back down, holding the Fighting-type in his arms as he looked at Robin, a sad, sympathetic look on his face. "How did it happen?" he asked.

Meowth looked along with Cayenne. "Ohhh, boy," he sighed. "I tink dis ain't somethin' more snacks'd help wit," he said to Cayenne. "Though right now I'm guessin' Millicent dere could use a glass o' water," he added.

"N-No, I wouldn't eat you," Aster said, very quick to try and reassure Hazel on that point. "You're right, sh-she only meant I eat Corsola. A-and even if she didn't mean that, I-I would never eat a friend," she added, tears coming to her eyes, scared that she was about to frighten off a potential friend because of the occasional trouble her overzealous appetite had gotten her into. "I-I-I don't w-wanna eat Jolteon, j-just C-C-Corsola... a-and even th-then, j-just th-the stuff that g-grows back anyway..."

The Quick Attack had hit its mark, and Growl had softened the blow from Ice Punch. Voltaire, however, was taking his chances with Metronome once more, though the end result got Anion to smirk back at Voltaire- an Energy Ball? A Grass move? Pffft. Surely a Grass-type projectile wouldn't hold up against a Poison-type projectile! And with this line of thinking fresh in her mind, Anion unleashed another Gunk Shot, hoping to not only counter the Energy Ball, but also further damage Voltaire. Though she had to admit, she did like that little smirk she saw from him just before he launched Energy Ball. The Minun found herself enjoying this battle thoroughly.

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