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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Sandaa: You weren't feeling confident about Phanpy's reaction at first, but to your delight, the Pokemon obviously wanted to go with you. You held out a Poke Ball, which the elephant cautiously sniffed before tapping it apprehensively with his trunk. The item made its typical sound, a red light enveloping the creature and swallowing it up. The sphere wiggled twice in your hand before falling still-- Phanpy was caught!

"Well, congratulations on your catch!" Bill complimented. "You going to give it a name?" While he waited for your answer, he offered to assist with the rope, taking one end to start securing it to the Feraligatr with some expert knots while you worked on Raphael's side. The trainer straightened up, dashing his clothes and hands of any excess sand, before adding, "Oh, before I forget, you should take these, too."

The man moves to put a Friend Ball and $200 in your hand, which you pack away before you lose them to the waves or whims of a potentially-wakeful 'gatr. "It was good to meet you. Stay safe on those isles. I'll send a message to some of the guides I know and see if any of them want to give you a tour. Just try to stay out of trouble and enjoy a vacation, yeah?"

Adventure Rewards:

- Lvl 5 Male Phanpy
- Friend Ball x1
- $200

Now move to the Mints before I get writers block, jerkwad.
Gary pumped his fist and held Phanpy’s Pokeball up in the air as the small elephant allowed himself to be captured. As Bill congratulated him, Gary beamed. “Thanks! I think I’ll call him Trunks, a cute and fitting name for the little guy.” Gary chuckled and watched as Bill gave him some compensation for his troubles and having to cut his vacation on the beach short. The man even offered to call ahead to the Mints and notify his contacts to await Gary as a tour guide. Gary graciously pocketed the items in his waterproof bag (as a water Pokemon trainer who spent most of his free time in various bodies of water, nearly everything he owned was either waterproof or of a quick-drying material).

“That sounds great,” he replied as he stuck out a hand to shake, “I really appreciate everything!” He then turned back to Raphael, who was chilling in the wake of the waves that ebbed and flowed up the shore. The rope had been securely tied to the cannons on his big brown shell as the Blastoise looked ready to go. Gary looked back at the three children as well as the other beachgoers who had stuck around to see them off. “Alright everyone, see you around! We’ll keep in touch!” Gary called out with a wave.

As Raphael got on all fours and proceeded to slowly march out into the tide, Gary climbed onto the Blastoise’s back. The heavy Feraligatr caused quite the resistance in the sand, but with a bit of Raphael’s Strength, he was able to pull it into the water, where buoyancy made the job much easier. Ever the cautious trainer, Gary pulled out a familiar Dive Ball and tossed it, returning Aero back into the ocean. “Alright Aero, we’re headed off to the Mints! If you notice this Feraligatr stirring at all like it’s about to wake up, give us a heads-up and keep it sedated with a Confuse Ray.” The Mantine smiled and nodded, just happy to be able to stretch his wings in the open ocean.
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