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As Robin continued to follow Millicent back upstairs, she could feel her body going slightly numb. Just what was she supposed to say when she got back? Even after Willow spoke up to reassure her, the Electric specialist couldn't shake the feeling of guilt. Not entirely, anyway.

But any unpleasant feelings that may have subsided during their trip back upstairs, returned in full force once Robin watched Keith pull Millicent into a hug.

At that moment, the young trainer wanted to melt away. Though Willow had stressed that she shouldn't spend her life blaming herself for Telpo's death, in Robin's mind, the Abra's blood was on her hands.
But among her feelings of guilt and grief, was something she hadn't felt before....not since arriving in Isshin Village anyway. A burning that threatened to consume her. Or had this feeling always been there?
Had the girl just simply not noticed before? Robin wasn't sure, but she knew there was only one way to truly quell it.
To seek out Zack, and avenge the people and Pokemon he had wronged. But how? She had no idea just where Zack even was. Even if she did, the man now had Project X on his was hopeless.

Completely tangled in these thoughts, Robin nearly leaped out of her skin as Luna spoke up.
"Umm..t-thank you." Robin replied.

Wait, was that the right way to respond? She questioned. The young trainer had never been in such a situation before. And with everything going on, she hoped she wasn't coming across as uncaring...or even insensitive.
"Oh we have all sorts of drinks!" Cayenne chirped, completely unaware of anything else around him.
"We have orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, milk...oh, and water!"

No sooner had Cayenne finished, did the Torchic glance towards Keith and Millicent, before tilting his head slightly.
"Oh! Are they going to be alright? Should I get more snacks, do you think?"
"O-oh." Was all Hazel could say to Aster's explanation. Though the Mareanie said that she didn't want to kill anyone, she had admitted that she had gotten carried away a few times.
"Y-you won't eat me though...r-right?" Hazel asked after a few moments.
"W-whoever Pisces is..t-they just meant you eat Corsola...not other Pokemon..right?" The Jolteon continued. Though everything in his body was telling him to run as quick as possible, Hazel decided to stay put, if only to hear what Aster had to say.
In response to Voltaire's Ice Punch, Anion let out another Growl, before countering the Emolga's attack with Quick Attack.
Voltaire had to admit, Anion certainly wasn't messing around. It seemed the Minun had an answer to almost every attack he had been using, at least so far. But Voltaire wasn't about to give up, not yet anyway!

Collecting energy into his finger, Voltaire once again started to summon a move with his Metronome! Concentrating on the instructions entering his brain, Voltaire began to gather grass Energy between his paws, forming a small Ball with it.
After flashing Anion a small smirk, Voltaire then threw the ball of energy at the Minun with all his might!
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