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After having some fun in the photo booth you and your Aipom set your plan into motion. Scurvy darts out of the small machine, to get into a more optimal location. Seeing him vanish from sight, you head towards the food court, and grab a tray. You start to pile it on with food, from steaks to cakes, from greens to grains. Soon, the food tray could barely handle the pile of dishes that you grabbed from the buffet, and you walk towards the counter. Yet, before you can, you purposefully slip sending the tray of food flying. You fall backwards, hurting your glutes in the process, and your small yelp alerts the guards of the stage towards your location. You are then assaulted by the slices of cake you grabbed, and get covered in their creamy goodness. The Miltank from the stage notices, and has the Pangoro assist her as they help pick you up. The Pangoro then yells, and a group of Cincinno and Trubbish appear. The Pokemon start to clean up the mess, and the Miltank apologizes when she feels that the ground under you was wet. Easy.

Meanwhile, Scurvy took the guard leaving as his cue, and started to use his acrobatic tricks to get to the backstage. It was surprisingly... empty. The Aipom wanders the area, before seeing a slightly cracked open door. Seeing some items of interest and snatches them up with his thievery skills. Poking his head out, he sees the coast is clear and makes a beeline towards the photo booth. Seeing the purple flash, you tell the guards you're okay and will go clean yourself up, siting that you left your bag in the photo booth first.

With all of that out of the way, you meet back up with Scurvy and look at the contents of what he got. The first of it was a ID card, yet who's it was it does not say. There weren't any card readers in this area, so this might prove more useful in the night. The second item is a piece of paper, yet what is on it is undecipherable. The third is a bottle of some liquid. Opening it up, you get hit by a pungent wave of burning alcohol. Booze, it was booze. Besides the ID card, there wasn't too much of interest there besides maybe the paper. That is, if you could find a way to read it. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?
Gary had to work hard to hide his excitement as his plan had pulled off to perfection. Sure, his clothes were a little dirty now, but he wasn’t about to cry over a little spilled milk; it was necessary sacrifice for his plan’s success. Thanking the Miltank and Pangoro for helping him up, Gary took some napkins to clean himself off and quietly departed the food court once the commotion had died down. He returned to the photo kiosk in wait for Scurvy to rejoin him.

While all of this was going on, Scurvy seized the opportunity as the guards departed the stage and left it unattended. Playing the acrobatic thief, the small purple monkey did a few unnecessary flips to sneak backstage, as if he were hopping over invisible lasers or something. Finding a door backstage that was slightly ajar, Scurvy poked his head in before grabbing a few items and quickly made his retreat.

As Gary met back up with his Aipom in the photo booth, he noticed the small handful of items Scurvy retrieved. “Great work, Scurvy!” Gary grinned, ruffling the Aipom’s hair. Scurvy grinned back and let out a triumphant, “Aye!” Gary quickly looked over the items Scurvy had taken. First up was an ID card, something Gary knew would be pretty valuable, so he quickly pocketed it. Next up was a piece of paper, but he couldn’t quite make out what was on it. Lastly was a bottle filled with some kind of liquid, and upon inspection, Gary crinkled his nose as fumes of alcohol went up his nostrils.

At first, Gary was at a loss what to do with the second and third items. He wasn’t much of a drinker, so he had little use for the booze. Meanwhile, the piece of paper confused him. Maybe it was written in some kind of special ink? Chemistry and physics wasn’t exactly Gary’s strong suit, but he had heard before something about the chemical properties of alcohol being used to decode invisible ink. He was wary however, that he could be completely wrong in this matter and compromise the integrity of the material. With that in mind, Gary took a napkin and wet it with the alcohol before deciding to dab the napkin on a corner of the paper first to test his hypothesis. As all of this was going on, an announcement echoed throughout the area about a show coming soon to the FAME area. Luckily he wouldn’t have to travel far to check it out, so Gary looked to wrap up his mini science project first.
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