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Jerichi: The three Pokemon decided to take advantage of the situation, which was surprising considering that Ai was the one to swipe up the gem bag. So much for coming up with a solution where everybody won! What a bad example for the child! With the skull returned into the general area of the rest of its body, the trio fled the scene and started back towards Sableye's spooky abode.

Once there, the Vulpix having dragged her paws in a sulk, the ghost catches whiff of his favourite treasures. Body language energetic as ever, the creature's lips pulled back to reveal a wild grin of jagged gnashers, “You've got them, you found them, you retrieved my treasures! My pretties, give them back, yesyesyes!” The Sableye seemed to warp forward, snatching back the sack with swift claws. He yanked the sack open, hurling the cloth at his saviours and the ghost gem (after briefly sniffing it to see if it was appetizing, which it wasn't), and sighed with relief and satisfaction to find that everything was there.

“So, how did you do it?” Sableye asked, eye-stones gleaming almost malevolently as he listened to the tale recounted. He nodded along, likely revelling in the struggles of the poor Carbink, pleased at the result. The Pokemon faltered upon learning that he was supposed to apologise. “Apologise, to them?! For a simple mistake?! They're liars, I am no Pokemon eater, I would never munch on those poor, foul-tasting fairies! Not with intention, no no no!” The dual-type seemed to have gotten caught up ranting and raving. Violette's attention drifted, ears twitching, beautiful eyes staring out onto the ice. She had noticed something. Eventually the other three did, too.

On the horizon, a horde of Carbink floated towards the downed vessel, anger seeming to radiate from them. Your three Pokemon had burst into their cavern, disrespected the dead and stolen a sack of gems in front of their salad skeleton on behalf of some evil, Carbink-eating Sableye and expected to get away with it? Not bloody likely.

What do they do?
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